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  My time as SO2 Defence Rehabilitation has sadly come to an end, completing a journey as
an ERI which started at ATR Pirbright in 2003. There have been many challenges during my tenure, most notably the workforce reviews which have taken place within DPHC and wider. Whilst workforce efficiencies have been defended, a DPHC restructure has happened. During my time as an ERI, the Department (Directorate) of Defence Rehabilitation has always provided the oversight and guidance on rehabilitation and, most importantly, indirect regulation of the ERI Cadre. Sadly, and with restructure, DDR has been dissolved into the three delivery Pillars of Rehabilitation: Primary Medical Care, Defence Healthcare Recovery Group and Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.
As I leave the role, I handover the baton of Head of ERI Cadre to Maj (MAA) Colin Suffield, who will drive the Cadre on, for sure. A big thank you to WO1 (SMI) Russ Hughes, who has supported me throughout this year – he is an outstanding Warrant Officer! Finally, thank you to all the ERIs who continue to provide a valuable rehabilitation service across all pillars – enjoy your time as an ERI, I certainly have!
WO1 (SMI) R Hughes RAPTC
I have now been in post as Warrant Officer Rehabilitation within Primary Medical Care, HQ DPHC for 10 months taking over from now Capt (MAA) Daryl Slade-Jones. I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people and engage in a range of exciting opportunities. Moving
US Army visit DMRC
the rehabilitation pathways and facilities Defence has to offer. It was a pleasure to host the Ukrainian Army and I also learned a lot about their culture.
Another key task was briefing CGS at the ASPT, Aldershot with Maj (MAA) Steve Chappell, WO2 (QMSI) Saskia Fisher and Sgt (SI) Connor Holmes on the capabilities of the Forward ERI and showcasing the impact they are having on operations.
Aside from work, Maj (MAA) Steve Chappell and I have competed in numerous sporting events such as wheelchair basketball, running in the DMRC turkey trot and more recently participating in the Army Inter Corps Cross Country Champs.
In Apr 23, HQ DPHC will bid farewell to Maj (MAA) Steve Chappell, who was an excellent mentor and colleague. Maj (MAA) Colin Suffield will be taking up the post in May 23, and I am excited about the challenges that lie ahead.
Maj (MAA) S Chappell RAPTC
Maj (MAA) S Chappell with DDR Board
from being a Regional Trade Specialist Advisor in RRU Aldergrove, Northern Ireland, my time within HQ DPHC has been a rollercoaster ride of learning, development, and innovation. One of the highlights of my job was working with Maj (MAA) Steve Chappell, who played a pivotal role in mentoring me whilst learning to understand my new responsibilities.
This year, I had the privilege of hosting members from the US Army, Kenyan Army and Society of Sports Therapists and briefing them on the ERI capability and highlighting the important role the ERI plays when employed in the Firm Base and on operations. Hosting both these visits was an immensely rewarding experience.
Another key task I conducted this year within HQ DPHC was being appointed as the Admin Officer for the Ukraine Army 3* visit. I had the opportunity to spend four days with them and showcasing
     ERIs ready to brief CGS
RAPTC Squad at the Army Inter Corps Cross Country Champs

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