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Since last year both courses 64 and 65 have graduated from the Joint Services School of Exercise
Rehabilitation Instructors (JSSERI), resulting in 24 newly qualified ERIs being posted into the cadre. The RAPTC students performed extremely well on both courses with 5 being presented with end of course awards.
Course 64 saw Sgt (SI) Townsend receive the Peter Myles Award, which is awarded to the student who attained the highest overall score during their final exams in the subject of the principles and practices of exercise therapy. The Evelyn Chamberlain Award was received by Sgt (SI) Read, which is awarded to the student who demonstrated the most character and enthusiasm throughout the duration of the course and was voted by both the students and staff.
All 3 end of course awards were presented to RAPTC students from course 65. Sgt (SI) Wright received the Evelyn Chamberlain award, Sgt (SI) Gander received the Peter Myles award and Sgt (SI) O’Brien received the Top Student Award. This is awarded to the student who has consistently achieved the highest of marks throughout the course modules and who, in the opinion of the JSSERI staff, has represented and upheld the values and traditions expected of a SNCO within the Defence Medical Services.
WO1 (SMI) P Percival RAPTC
 Sgt (SI) Townsend receives the Peter Myles Award
 JSERI Course 64
There is no doubt that the recent RAPTC students have represented themselves and the RAPTC extremely well throughout the course and this has been recognised by all staff at JSSERI.
JSSERI are now currently in the process of a course review and update to ensure JSP 822 alignment and modernisation of course delivery and methods. This work is being conducted collaboratively with Joint Medical Training Requirements Authority, Defence Medical Academy Course Design, HQ DPHC and Birmingham City University. It is hoped that this course review will enhance all future courses and, more importantly, the students learning and experience.
 Sgt (SI) Wright (Right), Sgt (SI) Gander (Centre) and Sgt (SI) O’Brien (Left)

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