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  With the last couple of years at Regional Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) Aldergrove impacted by COVID and more recently with the numerous changes in staff, the arrival of myself straight out of training from the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) at Stanford Hall in January 2023, has brought numerous challenges.
This year has started in a far more positive fashion with the refurbishment of the gymnasium at RRU Aldergrove. The gym is now operating with all new rubber matting flooring (this has happened through the hard work put in by my predecessor, Sgt Hampson). The priority for this year is the procurement of equipment, continuing with the improvement of the facility, including the arrival of a new Alter-G Machine.
Also, at RRU Aldergrove we are fortunate enough to provide the patients with access to a swimming pool, this is operated by fully-trained lifeguards. Swimming is a fantastic option to have when assisting with the rehabilitation of a patient’s injury.
Although I am new to the Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) Cadre, this isn’t the first RRU establishment I have
Sgt (SI) W Wright RAPTC
worked in, but it is the first to operate with the trickle feed set up (Led by a Band 6 Physio). This works to great effect in maximising the patients output in their recovery for this location. Trickle feed is a variable intake where the waiting time to be loaded onto the next course for the patients is minimised and courses are running continuously.
The clinics provided at RRU Aldergrove are the Multi-disciplinary Injury Assessment Clinic (MIAC) on a Tuesday and Thursday, the Podiatry clinic on a Tuesday and the RRU Course (Monday – Friday mornings) ran by the Band 6 Physio and ERI. There are numerous benefits to the MIAC, including injections, referrals, but more importantly it’s a patient’s way in for further investigations.
My journey transferring into the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC) has been a challenging and educational experience considering how long it takes from the start of the application process, to being successful on Selection and then completing the Class One Course and JSSERI Course.
On completion of the Class One Course at the Army School of Physical
Sgt (SI) Wright RAPTC – RAPTC Instructor Course Pass-Off Parade
Training (ASPT) in March 2022, I had the opportunity to work alongside the Royal Air Force (RAF) in managing the gymnasium at RAF Wyton as the RAPTCI for 42 Engineers (GEO). On completion of the JSSERI Course in December 2023, I was assigned to my first posting as an ERI to RRU Aldergrove.
  RRU Bulford continues to develop new and innovative ways of delivering residential rehabilitation
courses to the Central Wessex Region (CWX). We challenged ourselves by exploring new ways of delivering courses by talking like ‘Ted’ and studying current research on how the human brain learns and retains information. Interactive workshops replaced the ‘death by power point’ style of delivery by encouraging students to work in small teams; utilising whiteboards to teach back and share their own subjective experiences. The open and interactive process removed the boredom and restricted delivery for staff enabling them to ‘think outside the box’ and bring their unique ideas and experiences to fruition.
RRU Bulford is not immune to staff change. We said farewell to WO2 (QMSI) Gledhill and we would like to thank him for mentorship and support, both as an RAPTCI and an ERI, it has been invaluable, and we wish him every success in his new role with the Army Air Corps in Middle
Sgt (SI) J Exton RAPTC
Sgt (SI) J Exton
Wallop. We also said farewell to Sgt Shaw who was a key mentor to numerous staff, including JSSERI students on placement at the RRU. Sgt Shaw’s knowledge and passion for the ERI role is invaluable and we wish him success at his new role as an SSI for the Royal Dragoon Guards in Warminster. Newcomers to the RRU
Sgt (SI) J Shaw completing his BSc
included Maj Penhallow (OC), Capt Woodhouse (2IC), and WO2 Craven (Regional Trade Specialist Advisor (RTSA)).
The RRU Defence Connect page created by Sgt (SI) Edwards provides students with a platform that contains all the course

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