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    content and a huge amount of material from health behaviours such as sleep, pain and nutrition to external resources and support networks; much-needed addition and quality improvement. In addition, Sgt Edwards hosted the second ERI Regional in-service training package of the year to military and civilian ERIs from across the region.
It’s not all clinical at RRU Bulford. Sgt Shaw hosted the first AAPTI development workshop to share best practice, challenge thinking and discuss current issues faced in exercise rehabilitation at Unit level. The workshop was attended by 30 AAPTIs from across the southwest region. The day consisted of an introduction to the DPHC rehabilitation care pathway, a practical yoga class that included exercise progressions and regressions, and a Q&A forum. It is our aim to grow his idea in the future to continue collaboration
The RRU team at the Christmas ball
with mainstream Units. Furthermore, we were also able to get out and deliver an Obstacle Course Supervisor (OCS) to cadets and the team ditched the theraband and rubber gloves to support the 2022 HQSW Festival of Sport. Lastly, although a little rusty in our organisation and delivery of sport, the team ran the
A reminder to all, Sgt Exton does the best handstands
Badminton and Basketball events which were both an enormous success.
In summary, the RRU has had another diverse and challenging, but pleasant year; made so by an incredibly talented and humble team. We look forward to the challenges and rewards the next period will inevitably bring.
 RRU Catterick serves a PAR of approximately 20,000 tri -service personnel within the North Region,
providing face-to-face residential rehabilitation courses, MIAC, ESWT and Podiatry. All services have returned to pre Covid-19, this is owed to the professionalism, innovation and resilience of the civilian and military team who have been highly motivated and focused on providing the best services possible.
WO2 (QMSI) A Roberts RAPTC
Throughout 22/23 opportunities to develop the infrastructure have been undertaken, the strength and conditioning suite has had a cosmetic update by Sgt (SI) Lee Evans. Ongoing and lengthy contractual changes to an extension of the conference room availability and either a change of use refurbishment, for a patient rest area or semi-permanent structure built for multi-use such as a rest
area, lecture room and a yoga suite are nearing conclusion.
Within the region, it has been business as usual, SSgt (SSI) Chris Williams and his team at PCRF Catterick has provided the highest standard of rehab possible within the constraints of the infrastructure available to them. Their gym has developed into something that resembles a strength and conditioning room, suitable
   Strength and conditioning suite before and after

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