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                                 Battle Backers collecting their arrows at the end of the archery session
  The Battle Back Centre (BBC) is located within the glorious grounds of the National Sports Centre, Lilleshall, which provides the ideal environment and backdrop for all courses which are fully funded by the Royal British Legion (RBL) & delivered by MoD and Carnegie Great Outdoors personnel. Annually we run 24 Multi Activity Courses (MAC) for Tri-Service Personnel on Recovery Duty (PRD) loaded to 24 participants, 8 MAC courses for Veterans and 4 skills courses (with 2 kinds of activity in each week). The MAC is the primary 5-day package delivered with a focus on coaching and mindfulness, using activities such as Indoor Climbing, Wheelchair Basketball, Golf, Archery, Mountain Biking, Bowling and Laser Shooting as the ‘vehicle’ for recovery; once PRDs & Veterans attend the MAC, they have the option to apply for the skills course which hosts serving and veterans together.
The MAC is for serving PRDs who are independently mobile and self-medicating, including Full-Time Reserve Service (FTRS), Reservists (service attributable illness/ injury), Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) and deserving cases (bullying, marital break-up, stress etc) that the Line Manager (LM) thinks would benefit from a break as part of early intervention. LMs can book their service personnel on a course directly by emailing the office manager. The MAC is a comprehensive programme of Adaptive Sport and Adventurous Training activities adopting a participant- centred approach, underpinned by the self-determination theory, to deliver activities supported by personal well-being coaching. It is a mandatory course for Army and RAF and is strongly recommended for RN/RM. It focuses the individual on what they can, rather on what they cannot do, and activities are all ‘Challenge by Choice.’
Sgt (SI) P Gurung RAPTC
   Battle Backers making most of the sunshine
Leeds Beckett University investigates the longitudinal effectiveness of attending the course in positively influencing physical and mental well-being.
RAPTCIs can assist units by signposting PRDs and Unit Welfare staff to the MAC. Applications submitted directly to BBC Office Manager:Jacqueline.Gunnell681@ Further to this, feel free to direct any Veterans that would benefit from a 5-day course of coaching, team activities, camaraderie, free food and accommodation. To book a MAC or Skills course, applications should be
Mountain biking through Lilleshall trails
Hanging around at the Wolf Mountain Climbing Centre
directed to: battlebackveteranscourse@
  Across the London South (LS) region this past year has seen the continued delivery of high-quality rehabilitation throughout the PCRFs and RRU.
Within the RRU, we have seen a return of the 3-week course delivery model after all Covid restrictions were lifted across Defence Primary Health Care (DPHC). This has been met with very positive feedback from the course patients, especially those who wish to spend longer with the RRU. This year has also
seen the preparations commence for all RRUs to move out of regions and come under the Defence Healthcare Recovery Group (DHRG), this will take effect as of Fri 31 Mar 23.
Sgts Body and Paynter-Hetherington have continued to progress and develop their ERI skillset by attending CPD courses in integration of S&C in rehabilitation, delivery of the Regional In-Service Training and assisting with Garrison Health Fairs.
Sgt (SI) Body took the opportunity to represent the Army at the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Canada positioning 16th in the 500m event and 21st in the 2km.
April 2023 will see my time at the RRU come to an end with a move across the road to HQ Regional Command as SMI Sport. WO2 Gary Cooper will take over the RTSA post coming into the RRU to take the reins and assist the region with all ERI matters.

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