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    Team medals won in Rd 4 at Bike Park Wales
race finishing in the top 20 of his class, with team member Sgt (SI) Griffiths taking another podium finish, great racing by all who competed.
Round 4 Bike Park Wales
This was the final round of the ACES, another day of amazing racing and results, seeing plenty of progression from previous races and podium finishes. A huge congratulations to WO2 (QMSI) Mayled, SSgt (SSI) Duncan, Sgt (SI) Griffiths and Sgt (SI) Beckingham.
Alongside the Army Cycling Enduro Series (ACES) team members also took part in other Enduro events including SSgt (SSI) Winter taking part in the Corps
SSgt (SSI) Duncan 1st place in ACES Rd 4
Championships that run alongside the civilian Enduro race circuit.
SSgt (SSI) Griffiths also took part in the final stages of the Cyprus Downhill series competing against some professional civilian riders. SSgt (SSI) Griffiths rode some very tricky, loose and consequential
downhill stages. It’s great to see members representing the RAPTC at every opportunity.
If you’re interested in finding out more about the RAPTC Enduro team, please contact SSgt (SSI) Winter.
 SSgt (SSI) A Griffiths in Cyprus DH competition

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