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  The RAPTC Road Cycling Club has slowly been finding its feet again, moving from strength to strength and back again. We welcomed new riders and sadly saw some move on to other sports – though we remain hopeful they may return and grace us with their w/kg.
After the success of the Cyprus Gran Fondo, things were looking positive for the racing team, however, as is the case with the modern day RAPTCI, work supersedes sports and riders were thin on the ground. We still showed dominance in the races that we attended, with note Sgt (SI) Boachie-Ansah, SSgt (SSI) Chennell and Capt (MAA) Cowley, who had the most impact on positive results. Sgt Boachie-Ansah was successful in promoting from the B-League to the higher performing A-League and Capt Cowley on finishing the season with a podium finish – chapeau!
Individual Achievements
Capt (MAA) Mark Greenwood, as always, has had another successful race season which has concluded in the following notable results.
• Bronze Medal - Tour of Cambridgeshire, Time Trial
• Silver Medal - National Championships, Masters Road Race
• Silver Medal - National Championships, Masters Time Trial
• Gold Medal (Team) Inter Services - Army Senior Male Team
• Bronze Medal – Isle of Man, National Championships, Masters Stage Race
SSgt (SSI) D Ashton has also had a remarkable year, not only in the Army Time Trial Team, but on the road cycling front too, which has concluded in the following results.
Capt Greenwood in hot pursuit at the Army Cycling Road Race Series (ACRRS)
SSgt (SSI) M Woodhead RAPTC
  UK Training Camp riders and racers
• 2 x Gold Medal - UCI Gran Fondo
2023 Time Trial and Road Race Age Group Winner.
• Qualification for UCI Gran Fondo
World Championships.
Time Trial:
• 2 x 1st Place for 25mile TT • 3 x 2nd Place for 25mile TT
Army Representation
As always, the RAPTC Cycling Club has consistently performed at an incredible level and because of this we have had riders representing the Army in both the Road Race Team and the Time Trial Team. Those riders are Capt (MAA) R McKenzie, SSgt (SSI) D Ashton and Sgt (SI) R Jennings – we look forward to seeing the results. Capt (MAA) R McKenzie has also continued her role as the Army Road Race Manager for the Women’s team – who have recently won the eRace Inter Services Championships.
UK-Based Training Camp
The Cycling Club has recently held a training camp at Cottesmore Barracks, which saw the Senior Men’s Team and the Development Team get together and conduct some group rides, time trials and race scenario training. The camp was a huge success and a great way to start the upcoming 2023 season with new faces and renewed motivation.
Look Forward
We are currently in the planning stages of an OSV for the 24/25 FY, which will see
eRace Inter-Service Championship results – win for the Women
the Team fly out to Mallorca and conduct the 312 – a gargantuan race that will push the limits of all those taking part.
If you are interested in getting into road cycling, or keen to join the club, then contact the following:
• Capt (MAA) S Cowley – Chairman
Road Cycling
• SSgt (SSI) M Woodhead – Secretary
Road Cycling
  SSgt Ashton “Elvis” – all the medals at the Gran Fondo

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