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                                  In April 22 a mixed-gender team of 12 Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructors broke the Guinness World
Record for the fastest time on foot from Land’s End to John-O-Groats (LEJOG). The previous record stood at 4 days, 18 hours and 2 minutes held by FFJogle2016 (UK) set in 2016.
On Fri 8 Apr 22, the RAPTC team completed the approximate 820 miles in 3 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes breaking the old-world record by over 18 hours. That’s the equivalent of 547 sub-10min Fitness Tests (1.5 miles) back-to-back, an incredible achievement.
The challenge was made all the harder by the good old British weather with the team having to deal with torrential rain through Cornwall and Devon and sub- zero temperatures and blizzards in the Scottish Highlands. Not only is this a great physical and mental feat, but also overcoming the constantly changing logistical challenge proves that RAPTCIs are at the very cutting edge of what it means to be a fit and agile soldier of the modern Army.
The Team was broken down into two 12-hour shift patterns, a day team and a
WO1 (SMI) D Farrugia RAPTC
Capt (MAA) J Foreshew RAPTC
RAPTC LEJOG Team Just over halfway
night team. Each team member ran for two 1 hour runs per 12 hours, This sounded easy on paper but when you factor in the speed that each runner was going plus the lack of sleep and spending up to 16 hours packed into a combi van each day, it really highlights the effort that went into the challenge.
• Day Team Runners: SSgt Woodman, Capt Haniver, Capt Foreshew, Sgt McGrevey, WO2 Hughes, SSgt Coombes. Support Crew - Sgt Jones.
• Night Team Runners: WO2 Farrugia, WO2 Mills, WO1 Harden, SSgt Bowen, SSgt Jones, SSgt Lennon. Support Crew - WO2 Mason, Sgt Wilkins.
• Logistical Support: WO2 Head, Sgt Kerung, DCLPA support in the form of a driver and Chefs.
The Event was expertly organised by SSgt (SSI) A Woodman (who showed great leadership by setting the tone covering
his 80miles+ in a staggering speed of close to 6min per mile) as the activity lead and supported by Capt Foreshew as the event deliverer. This was a real team effort with all team members leaning into the organisation in many different ways from media, kit supplies, tracking systems, sponsorship pages etc.
Support Crew
A special mention must go to the support we received during the challenge. WO2 Head for leading the support crews and his quick thinking as we travelled up the country and Sgt Kerung for his help in organising the excellent chefs from DCLPA providing delicious meals which were often delivered roadside. WO2 Mason for cycling through the night most nights, Sgt Wilkins for driving and running alongside the runners in the dead of night, Sgt Jones for keeping the team protected and motivated along some pretty dangerous roads in horrendous weather conditions.
The team were raising money for charity and at last count had raised over £3000 for the RBL.
RAPTC LEJOG Team at Land’s End

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