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                                 Arriving at Army Headquarters from HQ British Forces Cyprus has been challenging. Navigating your way around the building and finding your way back to your desk is the first test. The adjustment required with working in this complex environment is demanding but extremely rewarding, constantly learning new skills and information.
Working on a large open-plan floor plate, the SO2 AT/Sport desk is a testing job. The nature of the role engages you in so many other tasks, developing you as a Staff Officer at so many levels. The downside is your own work schedule is constantly interrupted, whilst you become absorbed in these other work threads.
The Personnel Policy (Army) mission is to develop, direct and assure coherent Personnel Policy in order to sustain and enhance the operational effectiveness of the British Army.
This role is the single Service (sS) policy desk responsible for the three main documents: AGAI 5 – Sport, AGAI 11 – AT and ACSO 1209 – Comparable Activities. However, as the Army’s lead for policy in AT and Sport, I also play a role in the Joint Service space. Some matters can be extremely contentious with the demands from the other sS. A key skill in this job is to be very flexible and not get frustrated when each of the sS change demands to suit the needs of their Service, this is a constant battle and one you are always managing. Back to Army AT & Sport policy and to capture activity, I will give you a flavour of the work strands occurring at the 4* Headquarters.
Adventurous Training. The Joint Service Adventurous Training Steering Group (JSATSG)is a meeting chaired by Talent, Skills, Learning and Development (TSLD) a department situated at MoD Main Building. This is where each sS convene to discuss and implement policy at the Joint Service level. Current hot topics are changes to the Similar Adventurous
(Above) The Visiting Group. From L-R: OC JSMTW (Bav) – Maj Roberts, Comd AATG – Col Wilson, D Pers – Maj Gen Griffiths, CO JSMTC – Lt Col Painting, SO2 AT & Sport Pol – Maj Galley.
(Right) The Alpine Hubertushaus Lodge at Oberstdorf.
Maj (MAA) M Galley RAPTC
 Striking a Pose at Oberjoch Ski resort. From L-R: Lt Col Painting, Maj Galley, WO2 Lamb, WO2 Charlton, Col Wilson.
Activities; amendments to the JSATFA; Public Liability Insurance corporate waiver and Defence Safety Audit 3rd Line of Defence Assurance (LoDA) activities. In our own area of Army AT policy, an updated version of AGAI 11 has been published and was released in Feb 23.
Sport. The sporting arena has seen a lot of activity with correspondence between the UK Armed Forces Sports Board and HQ ASCB, resulting in a variety of changes and implementation to policy. One huge win was the accomplishment of amalgamations by exception into policy. Another, large piece of work has been duty status for athletes competing above UK Armed Forces level where collaboration between many stakeholders, has resulted in producing a paper in preparation for Hd Pers Pol to decide the next steps. The sport policy (AGAI 5) has been updated and was published in Nov 22.
Comparable Activities. Lastly, on the policy front, ACSO 1209 which is a unique document and offers the Chain
of Command (CoC) policy direction to authorise activities which are not categorised as AT or sport. The variety of activities can span from the Marathon Des Sables to Cycling across America. The other sS are envious of this policy, as they see what our Army personnel conduct whilst being on duty and protecting our CoC so they are policy compliant. A revised version of ACSO 1209 dated Dec 22 has now been published.
Finally, an opportunity came about to visit Joint Service Mountain Training Wing (JSMTW) Bavaria with Directorate of Personnel. The visit provided an occasion for Directorate of Personnel to view the establishment held at JSMTW (Bavaria), the training being delivered, and the quality and effectiveness of the leadership training being provided through Adventurous Leadership and Resilience Training (ALeRT) system. This was an opportunity to further understand the aims of AT across the wider Army.

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