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                                  The Household Cavalry, an esteemed regiment with consistent ceremonial duties to His Majesty the King, comprises two distinguished Cap badges: The Royal Horse Dragoon Guards (RHD/G), commonly known as the Blues and Royals, and the Life Guards (LG). When these two Cap badges unite, they form the prestigious Household Cavalry.
In July 22, I began a new chapter at the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) as their RAPTCI, quickly adapting to the regiment’s ongoing ceremonial responsibilities. I implemented a versatile training programme designed to meet both ceremonial and operational demands, ensuring the maximum number of Service Personnel (SP) in uniform.
The Household Cavalry’s ceremonial expertise was on full display during the Queen’s funeral, as they executed their duties with precision and solemnity. They escorted the funeral procession, guarded the coffin, and provided a dignified presence to honour the memory of the late monarch.
As preparations for Operation LONDON BRIDGE unfolded, the Hyde Park Barrack’s Gymnasium became the focal point for rehearsals and briefings. This resulted in limited access to the facilities for a time, but Hyde Park’s proximity offered an exceptional alternative venue for the majority of the Physical Training activities, ensuring a seamless continuation of the regiment’s PT programme.
Ex NORDIC GUARDIAN saw five Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment members travel from London to Norway and later to the French Alps for intensive
LCpl Brown shooting during the biathlon
Sgt (SI) M Ramsdale RAPTC
 Life Guards (LG) from the prestigious Household Cavalry on parade for the Queen’s funeral
Nordic skiing and biathlon training. Despite facing challenging conditions and numerous adversities, the team displayed resilience and adaptability, placing third overall in the RAC races. The training sessions, consisting of relay and individual formats, helped prepare the team for the divisional championships. Although they didn’t win any silverware, the team’s impressive upper-mid-table results showcased the commitment and work ethic of the Household Cavalry. Whilst invited to the Army Championships in Bavaria, the team returned to Knightsbridge to prepare for the upcoming ceremonial season.
Amidst the demanding HCMR schedule, morale-boosting sporting competitions have provided a much-needed opportunity for camaraderie and friendly rivalry. The Football 6-a-side Competition,
Ex NORDIC GUARDIAN casualty evacuation exercises
part of the GOC’s Cup, was held in Windsor under the auspices of the HCMR. This successful event brought together various units from within London district, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork as they competed in an engaging and spirited atmosphere. The competition not only showcased the athletic talents of the participants but also served as a reminder of the importance of balancing duty with moments of enjoyment and connection among fellow service members.
In the upcoming King’s Coronation, the Household Cavalry will play a crucial role, showcasing the nation’s heritage through their traditions and pageantry. Escorting the soon-to-be-crowned monarch, their iconic presence will enhance the ceremony’s grandeur. Providing a guard of honour, they will symbolise loyalty to the Crown and emphasise the strong bond between the British monarchy and the military, marking a new chapter in the nation’s history.
As I approach the end of my first year at HCMR, I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a busy and historical period at a Regiment deeply rooted in traditions. I eagerly anticipate discovering what the upcoming year holds for everyone at HCMR and the broader Field Army.
Sgt (SI) M Ramsdale and Sgt (SI) C Lawrence hosting the GOC’s Cup Football Competition

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