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Iwrite this year’s MBS notes having completed my first 14-months with The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment
(1PWRR). Having served as an ERI for 2 tours, the mainstream path has played out much more challenging than I previously thought. My initial feeling of arriving at the Battalion was of excitement and nerves. Before my transfer into the RAPTC I served 14 years with 2 PWRR. A long-term goal of mine was to eventually return to either unit as the RAPTCI.
The Battalion returned from Cyprus in mid – late 2021 with a firm sight on Ex ASKARI STORM in early 2022. As the unit’s RAPTCI, I deployed with the Advance party. My taskings were simple, execute the acclimatisation package and plan/ deliver AT to over 1200 troops.
I also found time in running the heavy load carry for mortar platoon. This consisted of a 55kg 5-mile march followed by varied tactical deployments of the line in quick action.
Arriving in Kenya just 3 days after my start date was a blessing. Although returning to a unit I knew very well, it gave me the perfect opportunity to interact with the family of 1 PWRR. I was fortunate enough to have a great team around me for the planning of AT. Once we got in the swing of BATUK life, we managed to get over 1000 troops through at least 3 days of Adventurous Training at 2 different locations.
Kenya presented many extreme challenges, however we still managed to squeeze in boxing preparation for the Inter Coy Boxing on return to UK and of course a few ‘Heli recces’ (safari).
SSgt (SSI) M Radley RAPTC
 On return to the UK after spending 12 weeks in Africa, I went back to representing the RAPTC football team. As a squad we had a very successful season, securing promotion into Div 1 where we belong. To put the cherry on the cake, I was also voted players’ player of the year.
Overall, 2022 was a very busy, enjoyable and productive year... bring on 2023.
Mortar Platoon
    Cpl Taylor & Cpl Ratcliffe
SSgt (SSI) Radley RAPTC
SSgt (SSI) Radley & Maj (MAA) Davison RAPTC

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