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  As I approach my third year with the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, I can confidently say that this has been one of the most fulfilling roles I have undertaken. As someone who came from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, I wasn’t expecting to walk into a highly demanding role that required state ceremonial public duties and a busy commitment to operational deployments in places like Iraq, Falkland’s, Jamaica, and Kenya.
During my time with the Battalion, they have continued to embed themselves in the Army Physical Training System (APTS) and Physical Development (PD) elements that the chain of command now considers fundamental to the role. As the RAPTCI, it has been rewarding to see the strategic planning of fitness-related projects, all of which relate to the wider roles any Guards unit faces, come to fruition. This has been possible due to the Battalion’s efforts in understanding the diverse mechanics of PD and its impact on operational effectiveness.
One of the most exciting aspects of my job has been the opportunity to travel globally, giving me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment as an RAPTCI. For instance, I travelled to Iraq as part of a Short- Term Training Team to upskill the Iraqi Instructor cohort on current Strength &
SSgt (SSI) D Hammond RAPTC
Conditioning practices, an opportunity that had a lasting effect on both myself and the people I met in theatre. These experiences have been made possible by the key enablers within the Battalion, who understand how impactful an RAPTCI can be when deployed in an operational environment.
A key enabling component of a successful PD programme and regime is the ability to work alongside a group of AAPTIs that understand both the aim and the mission. The Battalion recognised the importance of this and assigned personnel as full- time gym staff, allowing us to capitalise on a steady inflow of AAPTIs that continued to enhance the credibility and output of the team. I would like to give a special mention to LCpl Tucker for his outstanding professionalism in his role as Gym 2IC, an opportunity he relished, and now sees him transition into his RAPTC Class 1 Course, joining the RAPTC cohort.
Moving forward into 2023, our main effort now relies heavily on supporting State Ceremonial and Public Duties, as well as other wider commitments that allow the Battalion to stay current and competent. Preparing for Trooping the Colour and the King’s Coronation will be an amazing spectacle, and as a Battalion they are proud to be a part of these historic events.
SSgt (SSI) D Hammond RAPTC and LCpl R Dennis deployed in Iraq as part of an STTT
My time with the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards has been exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding in more ways than one. I have been given the opportunity to travel globally, work with a group of AAPTIs who understand the APTS and have selflessly supported the fitness-related projects that are mainstays in the program. I am proud to have been a part of this Battalion and now look forward to new ventures in the coming months
  1st Battalion Welsh Guards Gym Staff

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