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  LCG is my first assignment since transferring into the RAPTC in September 2022 and I am thoroughly
enjoying the ride so far. It has given me a great insight on how the Guards, Ceremonial Companies (PDICs) and The Bands conduct business. It has opened my eyes to how hectic life can be within the Household Division and also how the PT Programme has to be constantly tailored around the current commitments. Having the Guardsman and the Band fit for role is key.
Prior to my arrival here, I was told to strap in and prepare for what could be a bumpy ride, but I have been pleasantly surprised and grateful with how I have been welcomed into their circle. The support has been fantastic and they constantly look to support fresh ideas and a slightly different approach that is tailored towards them.
Wellington Barracks and the Gymnasium has been heavily involved with supporting the Ambulance Strikes, Remembrance Day rehearsals and various other training that needed an indoor facility to carry out their task. This has led to AAPTIs having to improvise and adapt to the constant change by utilising the surrounding areas, mainly the Royal Parks. This adds the extra considerations of being in the public eye and ensuring that we always carry out our roles as PTIs professionally and to the highest standards.
It quickly became apparent that ceremonial duties are top of the agenda and trying to design a Physical Training Programme (PTP) that was consistent was going to be a challenge. With the help of the Company chain of command and the AAPTIs that I had inherited, this was something that we have managed to achieve, and everyone seems to be happy with the way things are currently going.
The PTPs needed to provide a structure that would enable the troops to conduct the correct training which would fall in line with their role here, whilst also making sure they remain ready for any future deployments or exercises.
One of the highlights for me was being able to bring the PDICs (Guards) together for the first time ever to create sports teams to enter various GOC’s Trophy and other sporting competitions. They were a force to be reckoned with in all competitions and managed to win the GOC’s Trophy Football Competition whilst placing in both the Indoor Rowing competition and the Cross Country.
LCG on the Log
The Guardsmen finally pushed regimental pride aside to come together as one team and compete against other Major and Minor Units. This proved to be a worthy exercise and I’m now looking forward to bringing them together for a Boxing Night towards the end of the year when the PDICs will come together to compete against other outside units.
It has also been nice to see individuals from the Incremental Companies enter the Army Sports Trophy Competition for the first time, and although they aren’t flying high on the result table, it’s good to see individuals competing, officiating, and coaching at all levels representing their discipline in sports.
I will definitely be liaising with the UATO to ensure that the troops get some well- deserved AT over the summer months, preferably somewhere sunny, hot and where they can enjoy some well-earned down time.
Amongst all of this, I personally have had a fantastic run being involved with the RAPTC Football Team and the Army
Sgt (SI) Lawrence – Army Masters Football
Masters Football Team, who recently won the first official Inter-services Trophy winning against the Navy and the RAF to bring it home.
It’s been a great experience so far and I aim to keep developing and sharing best practice across LCG.
Sgt (SI) C Lawrence RAPTC

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