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   The information gathered during the visits enabled the SO2 PD to feed into the Deployable Physical Training Equipment (DPTE) Working Group and resulted in the Ranger Regiment being selected to conduct a trial on behalf of Army Headquarters. Units currently have Strength Pods and Portable PT Packs deployed in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The review of the trial should shape the future roll out of DPTE across all formations and enable the RAPTC to better support Service Personnel (SP) overseas.
The 6UKXX HQ enjoyed two AT experiences this year which are at completely opposite ends of the training spectrum. The two experiences involved a skiing expedition, which WO1 (SMI) Dean Moss RAPTC organised. It allowed 18 SP to conduct Ski Foundation (SF) 1 and 2 in France. It was a very successful and well organised trip. The next was Exercise WYVERN CARIBBEAN HALO (WGH), a Type 3 expedition based in St Lucia, West Indies, involving an arduous hiking expedition from top-to-toe of the island over a 9-day period. In addition, undertaking historic, heritage and conservation education in order to foster a positive diversity interest in a non- western culture. The key aims of Ex WCH were as follows:
a. To conduct an arduous trekking expedition in a sub-tropical climate in order to expose the attendees to physical and mental challenges under controlled risk. To develop the fortitude, rigour, robustness, initiative,
and leadership skills necessary to deliver the resilience that they require on operations and during other military tasks.
b. To undertake historic, heritage and conservation education in order to foster a positive diversity interest in a non-western culture.
c. To deliver Summer Mountaineering Foundation (SMF) training to all novice participants as authorised by ATG(A), via Distributed Training.
It was an amazing and valuable AT experience for all involved, including Maj (MAA) L Davison RAPTC, as he was charged with the acclimatisation phase, manning Exercise Control and providing Real Life Support (RLS) to the groups. The Ex was assisted by Sgt (SI) Alex Crosbie and Sgt (SI) Adam Dyson RAPTC who did a fantastic job of navigating the Island from top-to-toe.
Within Upavon Station, a small underspend (thanks to WO1 (SMI) Rob Harden) supported a gymnasium refurb. This has positively impacted the whole workforce within Upavon Station. It especially pleased the GOC, Maj Gen G M Strickland DSO MBE, who leads by example in attending HQ PT every Tuesday and Thursday!
As with all RAPTCIs, our assignments come quick and fast. It is now Mar 23 and the current SO2 / SMI ‘dream’ team are already creating a newer version of our Letters of Intro. The SO2 moves on
to Field Army Troops to become the new ‘FAT SO2’ (no pun intended) and the SMI moves to hotter climates to Gibraltar. We do however, welcome newly promoted WO1 (SMI) Keith Emerson RAPTC who will take on both desks and lead PD for 6UKXX. All the best Keith.
In closing, we want to thank all within 6UKXX for their welcome and support, especially within the HQ – and in the words of the SMI - ‘good from you.’ We have both enjoyed our time and we hope we made a positive impact in our short tenure.
SSgt (SSI) Glass RAPTC briefing CGS on the Ranger Regiment DPTE Trial
Ex WYVERN CARIBBEAN HALO – St Lucia ‘Assurance’. Maj Davison, Sgts Crosbie and Dyson

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