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   September 2022 brought about a complete change of workforce within Headquarters 6th (United
Kingdom) Division. Maj (MAA) Lee Davison RAPTC and WO1 (SMI) Graham Baily RAPTC arrived to take the helm. Maj (MAA) Bren Reese RAPTC facilitated a comprehensive handover before he moved on to spend some time focussing on reading books and writing essays at Staff College. Meanwhile, WO1 (SMI) Dean Moss RAPTC embarked on resettlement as he began to transition into civilian life. Dean is a great characterwhoisloyalandworked
tirelessly in support of the RAPTC over a successful career. He possesses all the skills required to make that transition a seamless one and will be sorely missed by the Army and the RAPTC. We wish Dean and his family all the best.
Immediately identifying the extremely high operational tempo within the Units, the G1 Pers PD team’s focus was to engage as frequently as possible with the Divisional RAPTCIs. Visits
were conducted to units within the Army Special Operations Brigade and 77 Brigade throughout
October and November. The innovative methods used by the RAPTCIs to drive PD in this unconventional space was impressive. The 1 RANGER Optimising Human Performance Day, facilitated by SSgt (SSI) Arron Woodman RAPTC, brought together a team of presenters to detail how physical robustness is maximised in Irish Rugby Union and mental resilience is sustained in Police Scotland’s Organised Crime Unit.
  Maj (MAA) Lee Davison RAPTC
 WO1 (SMI) Graham Baily RAPTC
 WO1 (SMI) Dean Moss RAPTC

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