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Iassumed the role of SSI PD in Aug 22 within Purvis Lines gymnasium, Larkhill. 19RA had been gapped an RAPTCI for
some time. However, I am lucky enough to have been gifted a high-quality gym 2IC (Bdr Marshall) who conducted an outstanding handover takeover with myself. Our 3 main aims as a gymnasium were to build our AAPTI capability, reinvigorate a robust Physical Training Programme, using the Army Physical Training System (APTS) and rebuild Level 1 and Level 2 (Robertson Troop) PT processes to ensure a progressive and safe return to full fitness for all our soldiers.
Since in post, we have been lucky enough to receive 5 newly qualified AAPTIs, including Bdr Birtwhistle who will become our second centrally employed PTI, he will be focusing on our L1 and L2 PT delivery. SSgt (SSI) Yvette Kemp RAPTC and I conducted our gymnasiums first Physical Training Leader (PTL) course and qualified soldiers to deliver basic PT in support of our Physical Training programmes (PTPs). Within 19 RA we have been lucky enough to see four of our AAPTIs promote, which is due to their efforts and hard work in developing their soldiers physically within the Batteries.
With the ever-growing support to Ukrainian forces currently being trained in the UK, SSgt Price, SSgt Kemp and myself were lucky enough to deliver some basic PTL training to Ukrainians as part of their JNCO cadre at Knook Camp. The training consisted of warmups, bodyweight circuit training and improvised PT delivery for soldiers in the field.
SSgt (SSI) R Ingles RAPTC
 The 19 RA Inter-Battery ‘Bramble Shield’ competition has begun for this year with various events being planned up until and including November 2023. The overall aim of the competition is to increase ‘Esprit de Corps’ amongst all soldiers in a friendly but competitive environment, using green sessions such as log races, endurance marches and sport-related sessions such as Athletics and Swimming.
Overall, both Purvis Lines Gymnasium and our capability as deliverers continues to grow. I would like to thank both SSgt Kirby RAPTC and SSgt Kemp RAPTC for their continuous professional guidance, help and support with everything PD related within our gym. I would like to also thank Bdrs Marshall and Birtwhistle and all my Regimental AAPTIs, without who, we genuinely would not be able to deliver our PD outputs.
19 Regt RA (The Scottish Gunners) PT Staff
  SSgts Ingles and Kemp – Purvis Lines PTL course
19RA Tactical PT

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