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                                      If you work with an organisation that has
a heart, and maybe a social responsibility/ charity budget heading, or would like to make provision for a donation or bequest, please talk to us.
RSYC 50/50 draw
The Club’s own monthly draw is an excellent way to support the RSYC Trust. The draw
is easy to join, with payment by Direct Debit and the rules are simple: 50% of the monthly pot goes to the lucky winner and 50% to the Commodore’s charity, which is of course the RSYC Trust.
Tickets cost £5 each (you can pay for more than one per month if you choose). Just email Joining today means that you can be part of the next draw. You can choose to opt-in or opt-out at any time (the full rules are on the website).
Next time you are asked to contribute to a
charity, please think of the RSYC Trust and consider joining the 50/50 monthly draw (you have a fair chance of winning half the monthly pot over the next 12 months!
Donations and bequests
Donating to the RSYC Trust is easy. You can leave cash or cheques [made out to The Royal Southampton Yacht Club Trust] at Gins or by bank transfer:
The Royal Southampton Yacht Club Trust (Lloyds bank)
Sort code 30 90-54
Account 32571760
Or follow this link to donate through Just Giving – wq2dvzut4i
Instructors and volunteers
As you can imagine, running the Gins water activities days and regatta alone requires
thorough planning, risk assessments, DBS checks, a well-equipped first aid kit and unflappable volunteers and RYA qualified instructors.
If you are an RYA, kayak or paddle board instructor or have youth work experience
or are qualified to drive a powerboat/safety support boat and would like to volunteer, please contact Dinghy sailors, safety boat drivers, and raft builders are especially welcome but a willingness to give time plus kindness and compassion are the most important qualifications.
The Trustees would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Graham Tracey who has been the RSYC Trust mainstay for many years. Graham is now a Guardian of the RSYC but still comes to help at our Young Carers Days at Gins.

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