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 Our RSYC monthly charity draw!
50% of the monthly pot goes to a lucky winner
50% to the Commodore’s Charity, the RSYC Trust
We each commit to buying one or
more tickets each month by direct debit. We can opt-in and opt-out at any time. Tickets cost five pounds each. See the website for the rules.
                                 LADIES LUNCHES
The House Committee was asked if we could include in the list of events
a ‘Ladies Lunch’ as they’ve proved
to be very popular at other Clubs in the area. It was agreed we should try and so with a little trepidation, we advertised our first Ladies Lunch event in June this year and much to our amazement we had a terrific response.
Our inaugural Lunch was on a beautiful sunny day - the Club and river looked stunning and everyone was able to enjoy their ‘welcome drinks’ on the terrace before sitting down to a delicious lunch of poached salmon fillets served with new potatoes, local asparagus and hollandaise sauce and a simple desert of local strawberries and cream.
Our guest speaker for the day was Steve Hara, who joined us for the lunch and afterwards recounted a true story from 1947 of a young actress sailing from Cape Town to Southampton onboard the Durban Castle, who had a liaison with a deck steward. During one such liaison she died and he pushed her body through a porthole. The ship was 90
miles from the nearest land and in shark infested waters. How did she die? How did he manage to push a grown woman through a porthole? Did he do it?
Steve then explained it was for us to act as jury and decide, if the accused deck steward, was guilty or not guilty, of her murder. There were fascinating arguments for and against, but I won’t spoil the story by telling you the verdict!
All our successive Ladies Lunches and talks have proved equally as interesting and popular. For future dates see the website.
Virginia Boyle
Rear Commodore House

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