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                                REAR COMMODORE FACILITIES
 The Facilities Committee look
after the physical assets at Gins, the Clubhouse, boat pound, grounds, jetty, pontoon, moorings, and Sea Echo. Rear Commodore Facilities together with Captain of Waterside, Michael Boyle, line manage our excellent Bosun Colin who not only drives the water taxi but also manages all these facilities including organising and carrying out maintenance work and improvements.
This year, with the support of the Committee, the Bosun has been working hard to make sure we maximise the income from our resources for the benefit of all members. By installing CCTV on the pontoon, we can now ensure those visitors using the pontoon pay to stay even when the club is closed. Introducing pre- payment also ensures members and visitors will have a space allocated on the pontoon when they arrive and has reduced the number of “no shows” that ultimately lead to disappointment for others that are denied a space.
With the replacement of one of the pontoons we took the opportunity to add
an additional electrical point and extend
the Clubhouse Wi-Fi, so improving the facilities on offer. Along with the decoration of the Clubhouse by volunteers, advised
and supported by new club member Lucille Taylor-Lepercq, has enhanced our facilities for all our members.
We have had some very positive feedback from visitors and members reinforcing our aim the be “friendliest yacht club on The Solent”:
“This is our last night in The Solent. Tomorrow, we sail back to Belgium. We really appreciate the hospitality and the kindness of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club and all their team members. It makes us proud to be a member”.
As you can see, looking after and improving our facilities takes a lot of time for our Bosun and Facilities Committee. Due to the current
financial challenges facing members clubs and the cost-of-living crisis, we have very few paid staff and our finances are stretched. We are always looking for members to give some time and their expertise to help, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to volunteer.
Tina Daniel
Rear Commodore Facilities

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