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 My name is Adrian Kilbourne – my story starts 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I won’t go into lots of detail, but the vast amount of chemo and radiotherapy I had took its toll and I am now unable to work due to the ongoing side effects. Right, that’s that bit out of the way. Now on to my journey to Rowley Fields Allotments.
Many years ago, myself and my dad had, for a very short time, an allotment on the Braunstone site, but then, due to both working full time, it was too much for us and we gave it up.
However, my passion for gardening didn’t end there, it was just confined to my garden at home.
I had a small veg patch fenced off from the main flowered/lawned garden
and had 3 greenhouses for various different things, my main one being tomatoes and the others for growing on plants, flowers and the smallest for my cucumbers. But I wanted to grow lots of different vegetables and fruit. Towards the end of 2019 I was finding it hard
to find new projects and things to get stuck into at home in the garden.
My Dad, now retired, and myself
were told to shield when the dreaded COVID-19 hit us and having not much to do was daunting. Then, my wife Caroline stepped in and somewhat forced – or should I say gently pushed – me to apply for an allotment (ha-ha). In May 2020 I applied to the Rowley Fields Allotments and got an email from Paul Howgill at Rowley Fields stating that there was
a waiting list and I would be put on
that. “Right, I thought, that’s the end
of that then, no chance anytime soon.” However, on the 17th October 2020 I received a phone call again from Paul stating that a few plots had become available, and would I like to see them? It must have taken me seconds to reply YES!! So, the next day my Dad and myself went and viewed two plots, one of which seemed just right.
Now the love of gardening I had awakened ran stronger through me, and I couldn’t wait to call it ours!! I
love to grow flowers and especially
veg of all kinds. My garden at home
was simply too small for my plans and my passion. Now I can keep herself
at home very happy and give her the lovely bright flowery garden she craves and loves, and me not only potter in
my greenhouses but I can also now disappear and fulfil my part of a bigger wider plan that’s in my head and running through my veins. I knew this time round with much more time on our hands we would make a big success with the allotment plot, without doubt. Yes, we are older, and both have health issues, but we do things at our own pace and if we struggle, we will sit and rest, then carry on.
Our new plot “199 Oak Tree” was perfect to look at (well in my eyes) and
I didn’t expect to walk into a lovely tidy plot and knew there would be work
to be done to get it how we wanted it. Anyway, we agreed to take it, paid our fees, and more importantly got OUR keys. WOW!! I was super excited to put it mildly. We went down for maybe every day over the next month, planning, chatting – what’s going where, what
we are going to move, dig, plant etc... We made good progress and a general tidy up was being done due to the time of year we took it on. In such a short space of time, we have met and spoken to so many lovely people. We were always made to feel welcome and part of the allotment community; it’s a great feeling. This is another reason to take on a plot, not always about growing veg, fruit or flowers (who am I kidding ha-ha) but to also be part of a group of people that are friendly and share the same passion as me.
Paul is a great bloke and always helps me out if I have any questions regarding things I’m allowed to do on the plot, then there’s the lovely Rihanna who’s made me feel so welcome and already
Yes, we are older, and both have health issues,
but we do things at our own pace
donated things to me to help, and my plot neighbour Tracey; we get along great which is a very big thing to me; she’s lovely too and we have a good natter when we’re there. Then there are passing people from plotholders and walkers and all making nice positive comments on how far we’ve come on our plot in such a short time, and how good it looks.
Adrian Kilbourne
See the next issue of the magazine to find out what Adrian did next!
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