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                                                  Branch Report
One of the main suggestions, from the focus group held in 2021, was a request for speakers on specific subjects, and hopefully we didn’t disappoint.
We started with a talk by Nick Mole from Pan UK. He gave a very interesting and, in some ways, frightening insight into the world of pesticide and herbicide production and use. The damage they are doing to the planet
and the number of human beings across the globe that are affected every year as a consequence of either being involved in, or the use of, these dangerous chemicals.
Sadly, the recording of the presentation, which we were hoping to share with members, was hampered by some terrible problems with Zoom. There is, however,
a link to another talk on the same subject by Nick Mole that he did for the Devon Wildlife Trust watch?v=GT6wIpzTwLc.
Our second talk on “No Dig” by South West Mentor Allan Cavill was well supported across the region. He gave an in-depth guide on how to get started, what to do and the benefits to be had. There were dozens of questions at the end of the talk and Allan answered all of them. Hopefully, members will be trying out this method of gardening which is so much better for the soil.
Our final speaker was by wildlife photographer and film maker Andrew Cooper. Working for the BBC’s Natural History Unit, he has worked on some of the best known wildlife documentaries over the past 35 years. He showed us some fantastic photographs that he had taken and gave great examples of the best way to get the shots that we all want. He also told attendees some tricks of the trade that have made the programmes we marvel at so successful.
He was entertaining and answered several questions that people posted.
This article is being written towards the end of 2021; we hope that all the members across the South West had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
Please let Lyn Clarke, our secretary, know if there is a subject that you would like a talk on.
The NAS SWB Committee
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