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                                  Maesycoed Allotments Resurfacing of Main Access Road
Over the last couple of years, our
main access road onto our garden has suffered from increased traffic flow along with general weathering. This,
in turn, has now made it more difficult for members to access their gardens by car, mobility scooter, or even by foot, along with the potential for members tripping or slipping on the uneven surface.
The Secretary has contacted various grant organisations over the last three years looking to obtain funding, but
all to no avail. However, following a suggestion by a member, the Secretary contacted a Mr Daniel James (Unit Manager) at Graig-Yr-Hesg Quarry to seek assistance in late October.
Within hours the Secretary had a reply, and a site visit was arranged for Thursday 11th November at midday.
Following a very positive site meeting
at our garden, Daniel informed the Chairman and I that he would contact the relevant department and set the ball rolling, through the R.C.T. Community Funding Project, which Hanson strongly participate in.
The following week, a small team from Hanson came on site to measure up
for materials, and, on Monday 29th November, preparatory work was carried out by Hanson from the main gate to the Meeting Shed. The Chairman was informed that the team would be back on Wednesday 1st December to lay the asphalt as required.
The Secretary opened the garden on the morning and the Hanson team arrived with various machinery. The Secretary introduced himself to the team and discussed plans with the Foreman.
During the works, Mr Gareth Cooksley (Regional General Manager – South) of Hanson attended the site and was given a tour of our gardens by the Chairman.
Both the Chairman and I expressed our deep appreciation to Mr Cooksley of the work carried out by the contracting team and the swiftness of the
overall project, from initial contact to completion within four weeks.
The Chairman and I also expressed our thanks to each and every member of the Hanson team.
A.J. House, Secretary of Maesycoed Allotments Association
     Allotment and Leisure Gardener 59

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