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                                 Aaron Cousens, Darren Gregory, Liz Smith, Amanda Huber, John Raymond, Bruce Huber, Dee Sichel, John Sichel and Chris Bird with Ottilie (front) pruning A3627 one of the “unknown trees” at Steyne House, March 2020. (Image taken by Laura Deigan).
And finally
This wonderful journey so far has taken us through British social history from late 19th century to the present day, drawing on the latest in DNA science. Along the way, we have met an inspiring group of people who joined our quest. This includes both amateur and professional apple enthusiasts and Pomologists, who have dedicated their lives to the study and growing of apples, orchard owners, the RHS, Science Institutions (University of Reading, Brogdale), Sparsholt College, ancient religious institutions and a great number of people who care about their heritage and their taste buds!
Continuing their link with the College and the National Collection, the Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies have very kindly donated a sum of money for its Golden Jubilee to support the Collection being repropagated.
Please come and see the National Plant Collection®
The Collection® is maintained by Jamie Cryer and his Horticultural Team at Sparsholt College, using organic growing techniques as far as possible.
12. Jamie Cryer (third from the right next to Rascal) and team with The National Plant Collection® at Sparsholt College, August 2020 (Image: Chris Bird)
Students studying horticulture are given the excellent and unique educational opportunity to support and learn from Jamie’s team in caring for the orchards. The College hosts two Apple Open Days that are a fantastic opportunity to view the trees and also taste these rare heritage cultivars.
Open days: Provisionally Wednesday 6th October and Wednesday 13th October 2021 from 2pm-4pm.
Address: Demonstration Shed, Horticulture Department, Sparsholt College, Westley Lane, Sparsholt, Winchester SO21 2NF
Please check the College website in 2021 to confirm final dates.
All images taken by Liz Smith unless credited.
 If you would like to learn more.....
For more information, please visit the following websites:
1. National Plant Collection® of Malus domestica cultivars bred & grown in Hampshire &
the Isle of Wight pre-1960
2. Sparsholt College including details on horticultural courses
3. DNA testing and Fruit ID
4. Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies
5. Royal Horticultural Society including the RHS Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Committee
6. People’s Trust for Endangered Species
Specific thanks to:
1. Virginia Brown and Venetia Verey, great great granddaughters of Lady Thornycroft
2. Emily Lyle, great great granddaughter of Lady Thornycroft, and her mother, Ann
3. Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies: Kelvin Mason, Peter Collett, Dilys
Warwick and Caroline Ford
4. Bruce and Amanda Huber of Steyne House, Bembridge
5. Matt Noyce, Estate Manager, Quarr Abbey, Ryde
6. Mr and Mrs Budd, St Helens, Isle of Wight
7. Alison and Dave Harding for sharing their knowledge of IOW apples
8. DNA testing: Peter Laws, Dr Matt Ordidge, Steve Oram and the team
9. Sr. Anselma, St. Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde for showing us Little Pax® in full fruit - a
beautiful sight
10. Other Island orchards visits kindly hosted: John & Dee Sichel and Andrew Watt
11. Plant Heritage: Rosie Yeomans, Jenny Whitmore and team
12. RHS Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Committee: Gerry Edwards, Jim Arbury, Joan
Morgan and other members of RHS Fruit Vegetable and Herb Committee
13. Historic records and archives: RHS Lindley Library team; Richard Smout, IOW
Records Office; Tim Woodcock, Bembridge Heritage Society; Hampshire County
Records Office, Winchester
14. Sparsholt College: Jamie Cryer, Susanne French and the Hortic team for looking
after the orchards so well
15. Sparsholt Fruit Group: Neil Smith for kind donation to DNA testing, Sally and Martin
Burr; David Graty
16. John Raymond for his time, contacts, driving and DNA donation.
17. Sparsholt students - Aaron Cousens and Laura Deigan
18. Billy Smith for help in writing this paper and bringing a teenager’s perspective
19. Other horticulturalists consulted: Blackmoor Nurseries; Deacon’s Nursery; Michael
Harvey and the Garden team at Hinton Ampner, National Trust; Chris Wilson, The Vyne, National Trust
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