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D.T. Brown have long been friends with the NVS. Every year we look forward to welcoming members to our
show stands where they can take advantage of the special seed discounts on offer. The shows may have been cancelled last year but we would like to offer an exclusive discount for the NVS where readers can save 50% on
new vegetable seeds varieties from D.T. Brown.
NEW for 2021 are over 20 vegetable seed introductions including many varieties suitable for the show bench and put forward by NVS members themselves. Exciting introductions included in this special offer include:
Aubergine Green Knight F1 - Produces high yields of long, smooth skinned fruit. Plants show good resistance to disease.
S Jan-Apr (I) H Jul-Oct
Celery Pink - This vigorous and productive, UK bred variety is not only attractive but has flavour to match. The self-blanching stems have a wonderful flavour. S Mar-Apr
H Aug-Oct Cucumber
Suprina F1 - The first outdoor ‘Beth Alpha’ type to be predominantly female. Good resistance to common diseases.
S Feb-May (I) H Jul-Oct
Please refer to the website and catalogue for full details of varieties...
SAVE 50% on NEW Vegetable Seed Varieties With Code D21SEEDSV1 Offer only includes varieties listed on this advert or the special website landing page below. Excludes collections.
Broccoli Purple Rain F1 - This British bred hybrid produces high yields of deeply coloured and tasty spears. Plants show good heat tolerance and are slow to bolt. S Jan-Mar (I) H Jul-Nov
Carrot Snowman F1 - A remarkable snow-white carrot with a mild favour and terrific crunch. The high quality roots develop fast with strong top growth.
S Mar-Aug (O) H Jun-Oct
Climbing Bean Lazy Housewife
- Originally introduced in 1885 this delicious heritage variety requires no destringing.
S Apr-May (I)
May-Jun (O)
H Jun Onwards
Picasso F1 - This ‘synergistic’ type has high ornamental value. Produces reliable crops of delicious bi-coloured cobs which are around 20cm long. S Mar-May (I) H Aug-Sep
Cucumber Luxury F1 - This predominantly female variety produces great numbers of the highest quality 35-40cm long fruits. Good resistance to mildew.
S Feb-May (I) H Jul-Oct
Tomato Veranda Red - Plants
show resistance to Verticillium, Fusarium and some resistance to Late Blight. S Jan-Mar (I) Mar-Apr (O) H Jun-Oct (I) Jul-Oct (O)
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33066 Aubergine Green Knight F1 (10 seeds) 33067 Broccoli Purple Rain F1 (40 seeds)
33070 Squash (Winter) Mashed Potato (10 seeds) 33071 Sweetcorn Picasso F1 (35 seeds)
33072 Celery Pink (100 seeds)
33073 Carrot Snowman F1 (350 seeds)
33074 Cucumber Prolific (5 seeds)
33075 Cucumber Luxury F1 (5 seeds)
33076 Cucumber Suprina F1 (5 seeds)
33077 Climbing Bean Lazy Housewife (50 seeds) 33079 Kale (Ethiopian) Amara (500 seeds) 33081 Soya Bean Fiskeby V (50 seeds)
33084 Tomato Veranda Red (10 seeds)
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