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                                Burley Hall
Normally today sees the start of Burley Festival week, a week-long of activities
in the village where I live, culminating in the village show on August Bank holiday Monday. However due to Covid – 19 most events have been cancelled, especially
as we are in an area of high risk (Bradford Met Council area). Part of the activities is a “Burley in Bloom” competition where businesses are invited to enter their floral arrangements outside their premises, hanging baskets, troughs, window boxes etc., with the results announced at the village show. Cancelled for this year.
However one of the businesses who always enter, and are usually among the prizes is BUPA Burley Hall Nursing Home. They decided, for the first time, to run their own little mini show, for staff, residents, friends, supporters and anyone in the village. Only three classes, vase of flowers, pot plant and display of veg. No prize cards, prize money or presentation, just for a bit of fun, so with nowhere else to go I entered all three classes today.
Not much competition, so ended winning all three classes, plus best exhibit, and best individual veg., none of which would have won anything in serious competition. The Home was delighted in me taking part and gave me a case of craft beers! They are hoping to make it an annual competition as part of Burley Summer Festival week.
Just out of interest the onion won best individual veg., was 23.5 inches in
circumference, weighed 6lb 2 oz. trimmed and grown from my own saved pips.
The vase of flowers included, rose “Eddie Mitchell”, Collerette dahlias, Turks cap lily and nerine. The pot plant was a fuchsia, variety “Alison Patricia”, and the veg included:
• Onion, own pips
• Leek, Own saved Pendle improved. • Rhubarb, Goliath
• Celery Evening Star
• Long Carrot, M P Strain
• Parsnip, Victor
• Beetroot, Pablo
• Globe Artichoke, Purple globe,
• Cabbage, Wirosa summer savoy
• Cauliflower, Toledo
• Kale, Nero di Toscana
• Courgette, defender
• Marrow, Yellow Blyton Belle,
• Potatoes, Bonnie
• Shallots, Hative–de-Niort
• Dwarf French Beans, Hawksbury
• Lettuce, Marvel of Four Seasons • Aubergine, Scorpio grafted.
• Tomato, Small fruited, Apero
• Elephant Garlic,
• Mixed sweet peppers,
• And fruit, Cooker, Rev. Wilks. David Allison
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