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                                Irish Section
 ISA – Virtual Show 2020 RESULTS
Congratulations to all the Irish NVS members who were successful at the Irish Shows Association, Virtual Show 2020.
• CLASS 95 - Basket of Vegetables - 1st. Kieran O’Keeffe, Waterford,
• CLASS 96 – Onions - 1st. Micheal McGoldrick, Leitrim
• CLASS 97 - Peas - 1st. Joshua Barton, Wicklow
• Class 98: Herbs:- 1st. Trevor Stevenson, Dublin
• Class 99: - Three carrots, Stump rooted - 1st. Kieran O’Keeffe, Waterford,
• Class 100: Beetroot - 1st. Trevor Stevenson, Dublin
• Class 101: Rhubarb - 1st. John Warren, Dublin
• Class 102: Potatoes - 1st. Micheal McGoldrick, Leitrim
• Class 103: Cabbage – 1st. Chris McAleer, Dublin
• Junior Section - Class 104: Dish of Vegetables - 1st. Tommy Curtin, Sligo
• Best Overall Exhibit went to Michael McGoldrick, Leitrim for his onions and Reserve to Kieran O’Keeffe, Waterford for his Sweet Candle Stump Rooted Carrots
Ray Higgins
 Irish DA
The Irish DA ran a virtual competition and the results were as follows: Members section 1st Harold Lawlor, Laois, 2nd Ken Hall, Antrim ,3rd Kieran O’Keeffe Waterford. Non - members section 1st Margaret Prendergast, Mayo, 2nd Martin Lawlor, Laois and 3rd Noel Kavanagh, Dublin.
This competition differed from the NVS and ISA virtual competitions in
that we looked for a series of photos following the crops growing from sowing to harvesting. Hopefully we’ll have a
few photos of these gardens in the next issue. It gave a great insight into the amount of work people put into growing the vegetables before they get to the show bench.
We initially worried that the online nature of the competition might put off some older members, but where there’s a will there’s a way and the members section was actually won by our oldest member.
The non- members section was put in there with the hope of attracting new members, and was advertised solely on Facebook. While the posts had a reach of up to 10,000 views this didn’t translate into entries, the long term nature of the competition may have been a factor there.
Michael Gordon FNVS
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