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   “We will only use ProDen PlaqueOff® for our two Border Collies. We need to keep them looking good for various dog shows and their winning smile can only be achieved with confidence by using ProDen PlaqueOff®. The product has never let us down, it is effective and does the job”.
Carl, Banbury, UK
Your dog’s mouth is it’s most valuable asset. Give it the care it deserves.
Dogs use their mouths in the same way we use our hands, and it is one of their most valuable assets. Working military dogs need a product that will help prevent plaque, tartar and bad breath as these can have a negative overall impact on your dog’s health. That Belgian Malinois that doesn’t want to bite because it is displaying signs
of gum disease? Or that Springer Spaniel who can be distracted from their scent cone because their mouth hurts too much?
Your miilitary dogs are designed for a purpose, so if they cannot fulfil their roles due to health problems they need something that can help. Sprinkle ProDen PlaqueOff® onto their food daily to help prevent bad breath, plaque and tartar and let them get on with the things that are important. Their jobs.
Recommended by vets for good oral health
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