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                Warrant Officer Class One Craig M Woodall RAVC Regimental Sergeant Major
1st Military Working Dog Regiment
WO1 RSM Craig Woodall joined the Army in January 2001 as a Veterinary Technician. During his time within the RAVC he completed a tour on Op OCULUS, whilst on this operation
he was promoted to LCpl where he provided support to the Veterinary Officer, he was also employed as a Patrol Dog Handler.
He was posted to UK Sp Comd (Germany), Defence Animal Support Unit in 2004 where he was employed as a Veterinary Technician. On conversion of the Unit to become 102 MWD Sp Unit in 2005 he completed
a Vehicle Search Dog Handler course before deploying on Op TELIC 6, being again employed as a Veterinary Technician and a Vehicle Search Handler. He later deployed on Op HERRICK 6 and following another successful tour he attended an Artic
Dog Course with the Swedish Army, before been assigned to the Defence Animal Centre as Head Nurse in 2008.
On promotion to Sgt in September 2009 he moved to Training Sgt, delivering Phase 2 and 3 veterinary training. In August 2012, he was granted acting SSgt rank and took on the role as Hospital Manager before achieving substantive rank in April 2014. He represented the MOD on the National Vet Nurse Trailblazer forum and helped create a new Apprenticeship Standard, as part of wider work to improve the Vet Tech CEG. He then went on to set the conditions for this Apprenticeship Standard to be delivered to Vet Techs from January 2019.
In 2016 he took up the role of Vet Cap Dev SA in Army HQ working in HoC CSS. During his assignment he secured funding for and then co-ordinated the procurement of
software that for the first time, enabled the MOD to capture, store and exploit veterinary clinical data.
On promotion to WO2 in September 2018, WO1 RSM Woodall was assigned to 1 MWD Regt as RQMS(T) before being assigned a year later as RQMS. Very quickly afterwards he had to stand in as the RSM for a 3-month period as well as being the RQMS, for which he was nominated for a Commanding Officer’s Commendation. He was also voted in as the Chairman of the RAVC Melton Branch Association in 2019.
In August 2020 he was assigned into the Unit Welfare Officer gapped position to provide advice and guidance on all Welfare matters to the CO and the CoC whilst also maintaining the coordination, liaison and provision between the Unit and external welfare agencies.
In April 2021 WO1 RSM Woodall assumed the
role of RSM 1 MWD Regt and was appointed as the Representative Corps Sergeant Major for the RAVC as a secondary duty.
Married to Cheryl who has fully supported him throughout his military career. They own and run an equestrian clothing and safety equipment business and two dog grooming salons. His pastimes include swimming, squash, and walking the family dogs, ‘Dude and Pinot’. He also represents the AMS Masters in Hockey.
  RAVC/DATR Opportunities
NASDU and the private security dog sector acknowledges the skills & experience of RAVC/DATR trained personnel and as such have opportunities for Trainers and handlers within the private sector.
Level 2 Award for a Security Dog Handler
Pathways: GP, Patrol Dog
Level 3 Certificate for a Security Dog Handler
Pathways: GP Advanced Tracking
Level 3 Certificate for a Detection Dog Handler Pathways: Drugs, Live Body, Victim Recovery etc.
Level 4 Certificate for a Detection Dog Handler Pathways: Explosive Detection, VS, Cargo etc.
All qualifications are accredited by HABC, an Awarding Organisation authorised by OFQUAL and recognised by the SIA.
01483 224 320
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