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Thrapston, Denford and Islip Churches ............................
   Thrapston Baptist Church
Minister: Reverend Mat Hussain
e: t: 07501 718797
New Alpha Course
If I could know the future, I’d know, when writing this (at the end of May), whether we are still locked down, or whether we’re now in the ‘new normal’. I can’t, but I’m pleased to rest in the knowledge that God does.
Whether we’re now back to ‘normal’ normal, or in the ‘new’ normal, the Covid episode has sparked many to re-think their lives, to take stock of what is really important and to re-examine their life choices.
Spirituality has become something to be seriously considered, rather than rejected without thought, or rejected based on misconceptions.
Church websites are seeing significant increases in hits, and research is showing something like a 50% surge in online searches for prayer, as people are looking for ways to cope with feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.
The questions of “Is There More to Life?”, “Is God Real?” and “How Can I Have Faith?” seem more relevant now than they have ever been. Over the past few years we have been running a series of informal, video-based, sessions called ‘Alpha’, which seek to answer some of these questions. Those who have attended these sessions have said they found them very valuable in helping them understand more about God, and how we can relate to him.
We will be starting a new Alpha series on Monday 20th July, and it will either be run remotely online via Zoom if we’re still in lockdown, or it will be at the church if not.
Have you been challenged to seriously explore the relevance of the Christian faith to your daily life? Then Alpha is for you. Each video is followed by a short, informal discussion where no question is too simple or too hostile.
For more details, or to register, check our website:
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic,
it is with great sadness we must keep our church buildings completely closed at all times (2.6.20) with all public ceremonies in our churches cancelled until further notice. Mass will be celebrated by your priests every day but without a congregation. Your obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is removed until further notice.
Our churches are closed for public services, but we are still here and can be contacted by telephone or email. Tel: 01536 203121 • Email:
During this time of pandemic, the website is the best way to stay in touch and all the latest news can be found in our weekly newsletter.
Northampton Cathedral is live streaming Mass with Spiritual Communion every day at 9.30am followed by the Rosary and on Sundays at 11am Bishop David says Mass.
Fr David posts daily videos with a thought for the day. To find the channel simply search for ‘Fr David Donaghue’ in YouTube. Fr David comes across extremely well and gives us plenty of food for thought.
Fr David is leading a Connect Group for Young Adults on Sunday nights at 7pm for 18-30’s. Spend time and make friends online via Zoom with other young Catholic adults, connecting and growing in faith with music, guest speakers and good company! You need to enrol first with Fr Brendan Seery: then you can join in the fun.
New date for Confirmation: Bishop David Oakley is planning to Confirm our young people on Thursday 15th October at 7pm.
We will wait until we are open for Masses again before we settle on a date for First Holy Communion.
St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church
Parish Priests: Canon Michael & Father David
e: t: 01536 203121

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