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                                   Chairman’s Report
Life just is... Destiny has brought us all here to our Town, our Community. We are all genetically one human family. When we treat each other as family, we will be more inclined to care, support and cherish each other. These are difficult times in which most if not all of us will be affected mentally and/or physically; the term ‘all
in this together’ is often glibly said, but at this time it is literally true.
I am struggling with my own mental health and general well-being; this is
not something I am afraid to say. It has become a constant in my life, a state of being that is ever present. It feels like
little gremlins nattering constantly on my shoulders. If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek help, we must not suffer in silence.
As we move hopefully on to the sunnier uplands of hope and optimism, we need
to stay together, to
share our joys, our
pain and all that
makes us human. We
are not machines,
not something that
can or should be programmed to be a vessel for someone’s utility.
If you have any ideas about how
we could connect with each other (activities, events etc...) initially on-
line, please contact Melanie Barfield
our Events Coordinator on events@ You
can also contact me on kdraycott@ directly if you want to share any thoughts, experiences, or anything that you think is of interest. It would be lovely to hear from you.
Karen Draycott
   Cllr Karen Draycott
 Contact a Mental Health Navigator on 0800 448 08 28 (24hrs a day, 7 days a week)
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