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 2016 has been busy for 100 Squadron, not only due to our usu- al variety of taskings, but also as the 23rd February marked the beginning of our 100th year. As the UK’s only dedicated Aggressor Squadron, our core tasking sees us supporting Joint Force training in the UK and overseas. This year, we have taken part in numerous exercises in the UK, including air-to-air mis- sions against Typhoons over the North Sea, supporting soldiers in the Close Air Support role on Salisbury Plain and Otterburn training areas, and providing red-air fighter opposition for Joint Helicopter Command. Squadron personnel have also detached to far-flung destinations including Spain, Sweden, Corsica and Lincolnshire(!), to name but a few.
A highlight of 2016 was the establishment of
the Bond of Friendship between 100 Squad-
ron and The Royal Lancers. The Bond be-
came official on 20th October having been
signed-off by The Royal Lancer Colonel of
the Regiment, Brigadier Hughes and Air
Commodore Duguid, Typhoon Force Com-
mander. The Bond celebrates three key
principles – trust, respect and understand-
ing – principles which we hope to promote
through continued professional and social
engagement. An exciting programme of Air
Land Integration events has already been
developed which will see a number of Royal
Lancer personnel of all ranks flying with
100 Squadron during Close Air Support and
fighter training sorties. Soldiers will gain
first-hand experience of how air power is
projected onto the battlefield, and will be
given an opportunity to take control of the Hawk aircraft them- selves (at the slight risk of revealing that flying a fast-jet is not actually as hard as it looks!). Meanwhile, 100 Squadron person- nel are relishing the prospect of taking part in range serials in future months, and undoubtedly proving that driving a CVR(T) is actually a lot harder than it looks!
“Never stir up a hornet’s nest”
Spring 2017 will see the culmination of 100 Squadron’s Centenary celebrations, begin- ning on the 23rd February with a nine-ship formation flypast rehearsal in preparation for the formal parade in March. Six of the aircraft in the rehearsal will have Royal
Lancer officers in the rear cockpit giving those gentlemen a rare opportunity to expe- rience close formation flying on a large scale. Once back on terra-firma, we will begin a Force Development visit to London, includ- ing a service at St. Clement Danes Church, a
100 Squadron Commanding Officer’s Dinner at the RAF Club and a visit to the Tower of London to observe the Ceremony of the Keys. We are looking forward to passing on some of our history and professional knowledge to our Cavalry colleagues as well as sharing some well-earned drinks as part of the obligatory post-flight debrief!
   Royal Lancers pretending to be in the RAF

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