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  The Army Section had a very successful summer camp at Kendrew Barracks at Cottesmore. The camp was organised by Lieutenant Colonel Ray Ogg and Staff Sergeant Instructor Shane Pulfrey. We had over 20 star passes and awards of different badges at various levels within the attending cadets skill levels, an excellent achievement. After a briefing by 2nd Battalion Roy- al Anglian on their role and Kendrew Barracks, the cadets began their activities which included the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) and air rifle and clay shooting on the first day. On the second day, it was camouflage and concealment and a 24hr exercise. The following day was a ride in one of Royal An- glian's vehicles, a Foxhound. After seeing the vehicles, it was off to Rutland Water for canoeing and kayaking, with water games thrown in.
As well as a successful camp the contingent had a very successful competition year. The contingent shooting team also attended CADSAM, the Skill at Arms shooting competition for the whole of 7th Infantry Brigade, since last year’s outstanding result it was very obvious that schools and ACF's had practiced hard, including us, to improve skills. We achieved two third places and one second. The school also entered the Brigade’s Combat Cadet competition and won the fieldcraft patrol element of the competition having the best Patrol Leader too.
In addition to competitions and Annual Camp the contingent also took part in Op REFLECT 2016. After a very successful project in 2015, The King's School CCF Grantham decided to continue with the Op REFLECT in conjunction with the Wood- land Trust in late autumn 2016. Lieutenant Colonel Ogg met with the late Alec Coney Estates, and after discussion with Mrs Gil- lian Brown and son William Brown it was decided to plant some trees on their land at Glebe Farm, East Keal. William agreed the area and chose the new name that the tree planting area was go- ing to be known as Auber's Ridge Wood. Auber's Ridge was an area in France where the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment fought and sustained heavy losses, and where Sergeant Charles Sharpe, a soldier in the Lincolnshire Regiment, won a Victoria Cross on the 9th May 1915. Lieutenant Colonel Ogg then approached the Royal Anglian Regiment to see if they would like to plant trees as well as the cadets and this was agreed. More research followed and it was discovered that the Royal Anglian Regiment had a picture of Charles Sharpe VC. Even more astonishing was his Victoria Cross is held by South Kesteven District Council in Grantham. So, the plan was to do the activity over two days. An approach was made to the South Kesteven District Council, and Councillor Bob Adams agreed, as leader of the Council, to come and plant some trees, and bring the Victoria Cross for sol- diers to see at the new proposed Auber's Ridge Wood. The Lord
Fieldcraft exercise....check weapons
Lieutenant of Lincolnshire Mr Toby Dennis and Lincolnshire County Councillor Mr Raymond Phillips agreed to come and plant trees as well. The plan of campaign was for the Royal Anglian soldiers to plant trees on the first day, with Councillor Adams bringing the Victoria Cross over, to put with the picture of Charles Sharpe VC and on the second day the CCF cadets from the King's School Grantham, the Lord Lieutenant and Councillor Raymond Phillips planting trees and laying a wreath on the newly created Cairn. Captain TDF Humphries TD built the newly created Cairn ready for the second day project and together with William Brown planned the area to be planted. The Woodland Trust supplied the trees, many thanks to Colonel Frank Hewitt for help with the receipt and delivery of all the packages. Day 1 arrived, 800 + trees and we had an excellent selection of tree plants Silver Birch, Common Hazel, Common Hawthorn, Blackthorn, English Oak and Rowan commonly known as Mountain Ash. The Rowan in Autumn will be covered with scarlet fruit, and its leaves will turn spectacular shades of orange, yellow and red before falling to the ground, a good tree for this particular location. The Royal Anglian Soldiers, led by Captain Frankie Eaton, were Lance Corporal Hazelwood, Pri- vates O'Connor, Brittany, Istiaq, Alvy and Smith. They planted Silver Birch, English Oak, Common Hazel and Rowan trees to- gether with Councillor Adams and paused only for photographs to be taken. Mrs Brown and her daughter Mrs Plummer arrived, and it was decided that Granddaughter Florence, and Grandson Freddie ought to plant a tree that they could see grow up during their lifetime.
Two oaks were selected and a soldier of the Royal Anglian Regi- ment helped them plant the trees together with Bramble the dog. It was felt this act was very significant, although the children are
  Major Will Greig presenting their first mottos
Air rifle shooting

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