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 fourth day, we completed outdoor training in fieldcraft and sec- tion battle drills, allowing us to practice for our 24hr contingent exercise the following day. We patrolled out in the late evening, and set up our harbour area. The following morning, we con- ducted training for an ambush and a section attack, prior to car- rying out the ambush and section attack exercises. The 24hr ex- ercise was, according to the cadets, the most enjoyable part of the week. All in all it was a very successful camp, which was enjoyed by all who took part. I would like to thank WO2 Scott for his or- ganisation, which helped make the week work like “clockwork.”
A successful field day weekend took place in early October with the whole CCF being exercised in different locations. B Squadron took part in two days of intensive basic training ro- tating around a wide range of stands, which included a gun run, and section battle drills.
Uppingham provided a Lord Lieutenant’s cadet from our Royal Marine section and Cadet Sergeant Charles Petrie was invested at a colourful ceremony in Oakham in early October. The Army Cadet is always chosen from the ACF
At the end of June this year the contingent will be at central camp at Wathgill where we very much look forward to a visit to the Regiment which will be the first time current cadets have had the chance to pay a visit to the Royal Lancers and learn something about their equipment and role in the modern Army.
RASB Lieutenant Colonel Richard Boston, wearing the School’s unique “Tiger” cap badge
B Squadron of Leicestershire Northamptonshire and Rutland Army Cadet Force (LNR ACF)
The Royal Lancers, B Squadron of Leicestershire Northamp- tonshire and Rutland Army Cadet Force (LNR ACF) have seen remembrance, achievements and a fond farewell. 2016 was set to be a busy and diverse year for B Squadron.
A little over a year after the amalgamation of the regiment, on 12th June 2015, B Squadron officially made the transition from 9th/12th Lancers to The Royal Lancers, marked by a ceremony and the change of mottos. A proud moment for all of B Squadron, just in time for Annual Camp 2016.
In August, LNR ACF’s Annual Camp took B Squadron to Sen- nybridge, south Wales. Cadets went straight into Adventurous Training, taking part in activities such as climbing, gorge walk- ing and off-road biking. The remainder of the week, cadets re- fined their shooting on the range, worked together on the obsta- cle course and conducted a two-night exercise deep within the
Major Tony Beirne hands over to Major Will Greig
training area. This year’s camp was different, after four years with the squadron, cadets and adults said a fond farewell to OC Major Tony Beirne, and after joining LNR ACF in the 1980’s, Major Beirne retired with a week full of activities and parties dedicated to him. After an emotional final parade, Major Beirne handed over command to Major Colin Wells, who will now lead B Squadron into 2017.
2015 was a very successful year for the squadron at Tug of War. The majority of the England team was made up of our very own cadets who originally represented LNR at the Eastern Re- gional competition, from there they were selected to represent at national level, ending up with a chance to compete at inter- national level, representing England. The team led by Cadet Sergeant Major Aldwinckle pulled in a victory for England and for B Squadron. The team were also given a rare opportunity to inspire the nation by appearing on BBC’s Blue Peter in October.
Cadet Sergeant Major, Lucy Mecklenburg the first Royal Lancer, Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet

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