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 too young to understand but the famous lines summed it up very well “When you go home, tell them of us, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.” Hopefully the children will visit the wood and remember the centenary and why the wood was created. The second day arrived, the sun came out, and the wind dropped, the cadets of the King's School CCF Cameron Simmons, Tom Griffin, Luke Griffin, Taran Gurung, Konrad Sherwood, Ben- jamin Quiayle, Nitesh Shyam set to and started planting Haw- thorn Tees around the Cairn area supervised by flight Lieuten- ant Catherine Barton and Flying Officer Mike Davis. A poppy was put on each plastic surround once the tree had been planted. The Lord Lieutenant, Mr Toby Dennis and Councillor Ray- mond Phillips arrived, they too joined in supervising trees being planted. A wreath was laid by Mrs Gillian Brown the Land- owner with the Lord Lieutenant, watched by CCF cadets, offic- ers, and other guests. The new Auber's Ridge Wood had been constructed, creating a haven for wildlife, many footpath walk- ers had stopped to admire the work that had been completed and asked why the wood had been created. Op REFLECT and the Woodland Trust was explained by cadets and soldiers on both days. Finally, the last tree was planted, the sun was beginning to go down, again a really poignant moment was felt. “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” After discussions with Will Brown it has been decided we will plant trees again in 2017 and 2018, thereby commemorating all of the 1914-18 war and remembering the 100th year anniversary, in conjunction with the Woodland Trust.
The attendees at summer camp 2016
Re-Badging to the Royal Lancers
On Thursday 2nd February, Major Greig and Captain Barnes, from B Squadron, came down from Catterick to present the ‘new Mottos’ to the Army Section of the contingent. During the evening they stayed and watched the cadets train. B Squadron are the affiliated squadron for the school and the contingent are looking forward to visiting the regiment later in the year when they are at Wathgill on their Annual Camp.
 Uppingham School Combined Cadet Force
During the summer term B Squadron, consisting of first year cadets, lined the route when the Freedom of Uppingham was bestowed on the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. The School CCF attended the parade with Lieutenant Colonel Richard Boston, who attended the ceremony with the current Contingent Commander, Major Chris Howe, and the cadets lined the route.
Elements of the CCF attended central camp at Nescliffe at the end of June and the training is described by Cadet Corporal Theo Barclay:
Freedom of Uppingham Parade
“In June 2016, cadets from the Uppingham CCF contingent de- parted to Nescliffe Army Camp in Shropshire, accompanied by Major Howe (Contingent Commander) WO2 Scott (Contingent Regimental Sergeant Major), and Staff Sergeant Gladding. Ar- riving on the camp seemed like a new world for many of the cadets as this was their first time on an Army Camp. On the first day we completed civilian adventure training outside of the base. We did activities such as climbing, laser tag, kayaking, and much more. Our contingent took part in the ‘Short range’ pack- age on the second day, meaning we stayed on the camp and fired the Cadet GP rifles on a 25m range, then we moved on to firing the Scorpion air rifles and the No8 .22 rifles. On the third and
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Boston, HM Lord Lieutenant of Rutland, Dr Laurence Howard, Cdt Sergeant Charles Petrie, Major Chris Howe

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