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 As summer turned to winter, it was the time to reflect. B Squadron cadets met up with their Australian counterparts, on a tour of the Somme. The tour gave the cadets a sense of life in the trenches. From dressing up in World War 1 uniforms to eating meals that a soldier of the time would have, the cadets were able to reflect upon life on the Somme and those who fought for their country as well as meeting other cadets from the other side of the world.
Many cadets within the county aim to do well. Through dedica- tion, loyalty, commitment and achievements, representing the Lord Lieutenant is the pinnacle for any aspiring cadet. Out of 1,400 cadets, the journey of being a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet began in November for Cadet Sergeant Major Lucy Mecklen- burg of B Squadron, after demonstrating the qualities needed for this prestigious role. Such a role will see Cadet Sergeant Major Mecklenburg accompanying the Lord Lieutenant Lady Gretton on visitations within the community of Leicester as well as op- portunities to meet and greet members from the Royal Family.
It was a Monday evening in late April 2016 when B Squadron opened their doors to a new detachment – solely based on mu- sic. Their Corps of Drums began small, with two or three cadets regularly parading, lead by two instructors - Sergeant Instructor Abbott and Sergeant Instructor Carter - who were passionate in seeing B Squadron have music back within its walls.
By Annual Camp 2016, the squadron had four beginner cadets representing B Squadron in LNR’s Corps of Drums on parade. This was the first time since 2011 that B Squadron had musi- cians parading in LNR ACF.
In October 2016, Longmoor National Music Camp saw eight B Squadron cadets come away with beginner passes on their chosen instruments as well as a level 1 BTEC in music, and one cadet pass her 2 Star on drum.
In all, B Squadron have had a tremendous year but also have a long way to go. Looking forward, we will be sending a cohort to Altcar National Music Camp in April and are aiming to be able to perform at a Remembrance Parade in 2017 as a challenge given to us by our OC, Major Wells.
LNR ‘England’ Tug of War representatives after being on Blue Peter

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