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  In 2016 Ipswich Royal Lancers was the biggest detachment in C Company, Suffolk ACF. At peak times we were parading on strength of 42 Cadets and two Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) Instructors – Second Lieutenant Sarah Revell and Ser- geant Instructor (SI) Lloyd Willis.
The Ipswich Royal Lancers had a very busy year last year attend- ing many community engagement events, many of which we do on an annual basis.
Our Annual Events included Higham Point to Point horse races, Stratford Horse Trials, Woodbridge Horse Show, Suffolk Show, Sproughton Fireworks and raising funds for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. A new event that we participated in was the 2016 Orwell Park 10K Fun run acting as race marshals and assisting the public with help and directions. The sponsors of these events very kindly gave a donation to the detachment and in 2016 this totalled just over £1200. This additional funding to the detachment allows for certain funding for adventure train- ing activities and financial assistance for some cadets to attend Annual Camp. The cadets really look forward to these events and it also shows off what a premier youth organisation can do within the community.
One of the two highlight events of the year is the Annual In- spection of the detachment and in 2016 we were extremely pleased that the Inspecting Officer was Captain Joe Cowie from A Squadron, Royal Lancers. With a full programme of events for the evening he was very keen to see just what one of their affiliated detachments do on a typical parade night. The even- ing and final parade culminated in the presentation of awards to the cadets for all their achievements throughout the year. The
detachment was awarded an ‘Above’ Average Grading for the inspection.
The Royal Lancers attended 2016 Annual Camp at Strensall Camp in Yorkshire. This was a ten day camp where cadets took part in military and challenging adventurous training. This is often seen as one of the two highlights of the training year for many of the cadets. Quite often for some of the younger cadets this will be the first time they will have spent a period of time away from Mum and Dad, but after the initial trepidation, the cadets get thoroughly involved and enjoy the whole experience.
Towards the end of 2016 Second Lieutenant Revell was selected as the new Training Officer for C Company, Suffolk Army Cadet Force, the detachment wishes her well in her new appointment and wishes Sergeant Instructor Willis well as he takes over the reins as the new Detachment Commander.
Annual Inspection
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 Remembrance Sunday 2016

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