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 present, gathered with affiliates in the grand setting of the Wa- terloo Chamber for tea before moving to St George’s Hall.
The parade was a short, intimate affair. The Guidon was laid before Her Majesty across the drumhead and was consecrated by the Chaplain General before being symbolically passed to the Regiment by Her Majesty, before the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant recovered the Guidon. Her Majesty then addressed the parade. Her words were heartfelt; she thanked us for our service and remarked on a reputation of excellence maintained for over 300 years. She mentioned her pleasure at having been closely associated with the Regiment for the past 70 years and in recog- nition of our long association with her and her mother, Queen Elizabeth, the Regiment were granted a distinction: Queen Eliz- abeths’ Own. The Colonel of the Regiment replied. Copies of both speeches are enclosed.
The Commanding Officer and the Regimental Sergeant Major, along with the twenty two members of the Lance Guard, and a well drilled support team, formed the core of those representing the Regiment. They were joined by former Colonels and Com- manding Officers, Old Comrades, wives and partners, a repre- sentative each from the Honourable Company of Brewers and 100 Squadron RAF, and the General Officer Commanding 3rd (UK) Division.
The Guidon now sits in Regimental Headquarters. Mons Day in June will see the new Guidon on parade alongside the Gui- dons of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) and The Queens Royal Lancers, which will be marched off parade for the last time. All those who are serving or have served are invited to Yorkshire to see the new Guidon take its place on parade with the Regiment.

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