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 October 2016
4 The Officers’ Mess deploy on Exercise FINAL FLING in West Rhiddorroch Lodge near Ullapool and were vis- ited by the Commanding Officer.
10 The A Squadron Group deploy to Thetford as OPFOR for Exercise WESSEX STORM. A Potential Non-Com- missioned Officer Course begins in Catterick.
13 The Commanding Officer, Regimental Sergeant Major and Lance Corporal Parker attend the Worshipful Com- pany of Brewers’ annual lunch and Lance Corporal Park- er is presented a tankard for outstanding achievement.
18 Lieutenant Robert Gouldstone leads a team on Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL.
20 The Colonel of the Regiment and the Commanding Of- ficer sign a bond of friendship with Number 100 Squad- ron RAF, along with Wing Commander Andrew Wright and Air Commodore Ian Duguid, at the Balaklava Din- ner held in the Officers’ Mess.
27 Commander 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade, Brigadier Robert Sergeant (late Coldstream Guards), visits the Regiment in Catterick.
28 B Squadron return from BATUS.
November 2016
1 The A Squadron Group moves to Salisbury Plain for the final phase of Exercise WESSEX STORM. The Com- manding Officer attends the Leeds Defence Studies Dinner.
8 The Commanding Officer attends the 3 (UK) Division Training Review in Tidworth.
9 The Commanding Officer visits A Squadron on Exercise WESSEX STORM.
11 The Regiment attends a remembrance service in St Mary’s Church, Richmond.
15 The Combined Assurance Programme begins.
21 A party of sportsmen from the Regiment attends the intra-RAC sports competition in Bovington, Exercise HODSON’S HORSE. The Regimental Nordic Skiing
team depart for Norway.
29 The Commanding Officer and, Crew Commanders and
above attend the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade Land Tactical Action study week.
2 The Regimental Alpine Skiing team depart for Switzerland.
3 The Regimental Welfare Department host a Christmas Market in camp.
8 The Commanding Officer attends the Regimental Trus- tees Meeting in London. All Officers attend the Officers’ Dinner in the Cavalry and Guards Club in London.
13 The Regiment takes part in a carol service in St Mary’s Church, Richmond.
14 The Seniors narrowly win the Officers vs Seniors Foot- ball match and the Juniors triumph over the Troopers. Major Alber Jackson, the Padre, departs Regimental Duty to become the padre for the Infantry Training Centre.
16 Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Mudd departs Regimental Duty to become Military Assistant One to the Chief of the General Staff. The Regimental Second-in-Com- mand, Major Tom Prideaux, stands in as Acting Com- manding Officer. The Regiment stands down for Christ- mas leave.
January 2017
9 The Regiment returns from Christmas Leave.
18 D Squadron run a Recce Concentration on behalf of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade in Copehill Down village on
Salisbury Plain.
20 The Specialist Liaison Team attend Exercise SPECU-
LAR in Warminster.
30 The Operations Officer and Regimental Second-in-Com-
mand attend the Super Recce in BATUS.
February 2017
6 Lieutenant Colonel Henry Searby assumes command of The Royal Lancers.
8 The Officers Mess celebrates the Aliwal dinner night. 16 A series of 3 (UK) division study days begins with ‘The
Deep Battle’, attended by various Royal Lancers.
23 The Commanding Officer and six officers attend the Number 100 Squadron centenary celebrations in RAF
Leeming and London.
28 A series of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade study days
begins with ‘CSS’, attended by various Royal Lancers.
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