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   2nd Troop O Group The Orderly Officer doing things properly
Regimental Diary
April 2016
12 SNCOs, WOs and Officers attend a character develop- ment study day in Tennants Auction House in Leyburn. 14 Battlegroup Headquarters (BGHQ) run a planning cycle
in preparation for BATUS.
18 Captain Stuart Bennison returns to Regimental Duty as
the Motor Transport Officer.
23 RHQ, C Squadron and D Squadron, as the Opposing
Force (OPFOR) Battlegroup, depart for BATUS prior to
Exercise PRAIRIE STORM 1 and 2 (PS1 and 2).
25 Major William Greig arrives at Regimental Duty to as- sume command of B Squadron from Major William
Richmond who assumed command of C Squadron.
28 Major Tom Prideaux arrives at Regimental Duty to as-
sume the post of Regimental Second-in-Command.
May 2016
2-5 Commanding Officer, Operations Officer and Plans Of- ficer visit the US Army’s National Training Centre in Arizona.
8 The Cavalry Memorial Parade takes place in London. 12 The OPFOR Battlegroup deploy onto the Prairie to con-
duct training on Exercise PETROSYAN.
19-28 B Squadron conduct training in the Combined Arms
Tactical Trainer (Germany).
23-25 A Squadron visit Shrivenham and the Tank Museum,
23 The OPFOR Battlegroup transition from Exercise PET-
ROSYAN to Exercise PS 1.
June 2016
2 Exercise PS 1 concludes and the OPFOR BG returns to Suffield.
4 The Royal Lancers rugby tour to Texas begins.
7 The Royal Lancers Trustee meeting takes place at the
Cavalry and Guards Club in London.
11 Major William Greig distributes new Mottos to North-
amptonshire Army Cadet Force.
12 Major Christopher Kierstead and Staff Sergeant Pether-
bridge attend the Queen’s Birthday Picnic in London. 19 The Commanding Officer, Regimental Sergeant Major and other Lancers in BATUS visit the Lord Strath- cona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) at Steele Barracks in
23 The Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant Ma-
jor attend the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadi-
ans) change of command parade.
24 The OPFOR Battlegroup deploys on Exercise PRAIRIE
27 Commander Field Army, Major General James Everard,
visits the OPFOR BGHQ in BATUS.
July 2016
1 Somme Remembrance Service held at Derby Cathedral. 4 Ampleforth Combined Cadet Force visit the Regiment in
12 General Officer Commanding 3 (UK) Division, Major
General Patrick Sanders, visits the OPFOR Battlegroup
on Exercise PS 2.
26 The Colonel of the Regiment, Brigadier Andrew Hughes
visits The Royal Lancers in Catterick Garrison.
  0300 is never easy and even less so when its minus 3
Black Hawk Down

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