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 ASquadron has spent most of this year providing training support to other units and brigades, often in small groups, but also as the leading element of a Regimental deployment to Exercise WESSEX STORM. This has meant that the Squadron has been but rarely in the same place at the same time, in the same kit.
The flooding seen in many parts of the north at the end of 2015 meant that almost the entire squadron deployed to York and Bradford during the last week of the year to help with the flood- fighting effort despite being on their Christmas leave. The assis- tance we provided was much appreciated by the various civilian organisations involved (Yorkshire Police Forces, local councils and the Environment Agency) as well as by those affected by the flooding.
The start of the year saw almost two dozen members of the Squadron preparing for their deployment to BATUS as mem- bers of the winter maintenance team, the safety staff and as members of the RL OPFOR BG. Our first opportunity to work as a squadron was mounted ranges in Castlemartin over the Val- entine’s Day period. Lieutenant Parker proved that DSRR was
not the only thing in the air by wooing a local girl with stories of his whisky drinking, flying and general derring-do. This was considered more impressive than the squadron’s 100% first time pass on their Annual Crew Tests.
At the start of March, SHQ and two troops conducted a CATT week in Warminster along with members of our attached FST from 19 Regiment Royal Artillery. Meanwhile, the rest of the squadron deployed on the first of what would be our enduring commitment for the year; RAAT tasks. This time we provided the vehicles and drivers for the Armoured Cavalry Crew Com- manders’ course in Warminster, a job that we would undertake again in April, May and December. The squadron also deployed members to assist on RAAT tasks for the Special Forces com- munity in April and June, which generally ended in us being physically, chemically and psychologically terrorised but with a greater respect for the skills of our ‘black-taped colleagues’.
In April, A Squadron had several changes at the top, as Major Chris Kierstead left us to flagellate himself at PJHQ and Major Martin Morrissey took over. His first job once back at Regimen- tal Duty was to deploy to BATUS with the Royal Lancer Battle-
A Squadron
  A home away from home, SHQ A Squadron in Rollestone Camp
All shapes and sizes. Tprs ‘Call me Nick’ Clegg and Johnson

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