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   A pizza pun here would be too cheesy. Tprs Bragg, Wilson and Tompkins
group as Cheif of Staff for Exercise PRAIRIE STORM 1, leaving the squadron (and the ROG) in the capable hands of WO2 Hol- lis (SSM) and Captain Cowie (Second-in-Command) until June. Also ‘promoted’ from A Squadron, were Lieutenant Parker (to RSO) and Captain Pritchard (to Adjutant) and later in the year, Captain Cowie (to Plans/ Ops D [ed. not the Ops Directorate and, genuinely the fourth Captain in the Ops team in RHQ] and Lieuten- ant Harnett (to 1 UK Civ Div).
May saw the remnants of the squadron deploy on Exercise LOOKOUT LANCER, a conceptual study week that involved visiting Shrivenham Defence Academy, the Bovington Tank Museum and the Armoured Trials and Development Unit
Farmer Morrissey planning with HQ FTU on Wessex Storm
(ATDU). The squadron studied the history and evolution of armour, the current enemy capability (all the more relevant given Russian posturing) and our future capability (perhaps even further away in the future following the Army 2020 Re- fine announcement). This month also saw the creation of the Royal Lancer Fishing Team. Armed with just their rods and a burning desire to spend days relaxing beside various rivers, Ser- geant Barrowcliff and Corporal Brewer managed to establish the Regimental fishing team and then the RAC fishing team (the membership was almost identical – a bit fishy). The RAC fish- ing team competed with great success in the Army and Inter- Services Championships.
  The Owl and the Pussy Cat went to Wessex Storm
The lesser-spotted Nyambira in coveralls

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