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  Since the Regiment’s amalgamation in May 2015, B Squadron has enjoyed a year of steadfast leadership from Major Will Richmond. From the outset, the Squadron came together well
and worked hard to achieve great results both professionally and recreationally. As Will’s successor in May 2016, it has been clear to see the unity and professionalism within the Squadron. It goes un-noticed that I have yet had little to add as the machine is running on rails.
The Squadron’s headlines for the year have been mounted and dismounted live firing packages on Castlemartin and Strensell ranges; endless hours up and down the M1 for Collective Train- ing and supporting the Regular Army Assistance Table (RAAT) on Salisbury Plain Training Area; Exercise PRAIRIE STORM (PS) in Canada throughout the year, with the majority of the Squadron deploying on PS3 and 4. Those back in Catterick un- der the command of Staff Sergeant Lucas, had no easy time of it. They either continued to get to know the M1 well, or the local Catterick training area from Staff Sergeant Lucas’ enduring love for orienteering: “Sergeant Major, I know where we are, it’s the snake again, isn’t?”.
Individual achievements from the year have come from many well-deserved promotions across most ranks: Lance Corporal Crawford’s impressive selection for Army boxing; Sergeant Charlton’s superb overseas rugby tour - Exercise TEXAN LANCER; Lieutenant Kellard in representing the Regiment in various horse racing events; Lieutenant Henson, Lieutenant Paterson and Lance Corporal Hitchcock’s great performances at this year’s Army skiing competition; Sergeant Rogers in leading the strong Regimental Waterpolo Team (the photograph has had to be censored sadly). Under Staff Sergeant Lucas, B Squadron has contributed some talented athletes to the Regimental Ori- enteering Team, with particular recognition for Corporal Ish- erwood, Corporal Williamson, Trooper Alexander and Trooper Bailey. And, not forgetting everyone else who continues to do the mundane jobs with smiles on their faces and representing the Squadron impeccably.
“Wingardium Leviosa”
 “We’ll all hide in that woodblock over there”

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