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 After a well-deserved post-Deployment Leave, the Squadron found itself deploying on yet another OPFOR task, providing a large contribution to Exercise WESSEX STORM. Demonstrat- ing its usual flexibility, an element of the Squadron rerolled as an infantry company under the command of OC A, deployed first, spent 6 weeks battling on Salisbury Plain against the High- landers and retuned last on the eve of Christmas stand-down. Meanwhile, the other half of the Squadron conducted a PNCO cadre for the rest of the Regiment under Lieutenant Luke which allowed the JNCOs of the Squadron a chance to practice their teaching and mentoring abilities. The final sting in the tail was yet more training support – this time in the shape of support to RATD at Warminster and the various courses they deliver. Whether it be a troop of Bulldog vehicles, CVR(T) or cut-down Land Rovers in Canada, two soldiers travelling down the A1 to provide a 2hr Javelin post on Salisbury Plain supporting a Tid- worth Battalion’s exercise, or enabling the Crew Commanders’ Course, C Squadron have fulfilled all that the ADOC ludicrous- ness and training support banality could have thrown at them.
2016 was a frenetic year for the Squadron, but was one in which they constantly proved their mettle; at no point deployed in their core job role, they proved to be the epitome of Lancer pro- fessionalism and flexibility, and the praises they received were fully justified.
2017 sees the squadron launch into another ‘busy year’ as we train for ‘readiness’ and the sign-off exercise of Prairie Storm 4 in BATUS during October. No doubt C Squadron will deploy first, recover last, prove the epitome of a Lancer and have some fun whilst they’re at it. That said, the implementation of the reworking of CGS’s homework and the ever tightening belt of the Treasury may yet change the flavour of the year...
The outside bar at Hotel BATUS
  The 21st Century Long Range Desert Group
You’re not in Wiltshire anymore Mr Luke Jnr

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