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  Squadron Leader and Squadron Sergeant Major definitely not posing at the top of Mt Galibier, 2145m
periods, enough illum was put up to put Guy Fawkes to shame and the subsequent area sweep of South Wales to collect in the 300 odd parachutes did not go down well with either the farmers or troopers.
From an OC’s perspective there are few locations less desirable than BGHQ, especially when one’s troops are causing ‘cata- strophic success’ on exercising Battlegroups across the prairie. However, as Plans Officer it was an outstanding opportunity to influence the battle and observe some truly first rate soldiering. Never one to miss a good party, D Squadron jumped at the op- portunity to fill the Anti-Tank Platoon ORBAT for the Royal Lancer OPFOR BG. With Captain Humphreys at the helm, ably assisted by Staff Sergeant Weaver and Sergeant Clements, the 28 man strong platoon departed for the Canadian Prairie in April 16. The platoon, based primarily on Surveillance Troop, looked to make up for what they lacked in Anti-Tank experience with solid DCC skills and heaps of enthusiasm. Throughout both PRAIRIE STORMs 1 and 2, the Anti-Tank Platoon were the scourge of the RIFLES and PWRR BGs – soldiers out to
prove a point and some irregular tactics proved to be a deadly combination. Corporal Milakovic’s Javelin team were crowned the top killers of both exercises – the official story will always focus on their unrelenting desire to bring the fight to the en- emy, the truth, however, is they just couldn’t wait to get away from their vehicle commander Sergeant Clements and his still unused tooth-brush! Unsurprisingly, the Commanding Officer was the first to recognise the success of Anti-Tank Platoon and was enthusiastic in the distribution of his coins – even if Trooper McCloskey lost out to Private McLusky!
Exercise WESSEX STORM provided an opportunity for D Squadron to train and demonstrate their expertise in front of a sister squadron in the UK. Augmenting the A Squadron deploy- ment to Salisbury Plain, D Squadron were integral to transition- ing the mounted-focused-A Squadron to a dismounted infantry company. The invaluable input of our Brecon-trained NCOs was utilised to its fullest in an intense infantry tactics training week led by Lieutenant Walsh and Staff Sergeant Dyer on Stan- ford Training Area. The Troopers of all elements present soaked
  Two Bushes move on Salisbury Plain
Somewhere over a rainbow, civilisation and hot showers await

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