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 up the dismounted specific training and, proved their ability in a number of controlled battle exercises prior to the move to Salis- bury Plain and the free reign OPFOR tasking.
D Squadron flourished in opposition to the SCOTS and, in sev- eral serials, our sections bloodied the noses of their Celtic oppo- nents. Corporal Ellerby led his section in a defence of Copehill Down, defeating a platoon (+) formation with aplomb. Trooper Cornforth also earned ample praise through his solo destruction of two Jackals, using the cover of fog to employ his RPG to dev- astating effect. There is no doubt that all who deployed for the five weeks gained valuable dismounted experience, and are bet- ter soldiers for having been there.
With winter upon us, The Royal Lancers Nordic Ski Team de- ployed to Norway, easily being confused for the D Squadron Nordic Ski Team on account of the squadron contributing to 80% of its make-up. It transpired to be the most successful Lancers team in recent times, reaching the National champion- ships and ranking 14th best in the British Armed Forces. The team demonstrated outstanding traits, central to all that makes D Squadron great; fitness, determination and a will to win.
In the last few weeks of the working term D Squadron went paintballing, giving the Squadron not only some fun but the chance to return a few ‘favours’ to the chain of command. A day designed to be fun became very serious and competitive within minutes of the first ‘round’. With events revolving around Sen- iors and Officers vs JNCO’s vs Troopers, it became apparent ear- ly on that it was going to be a blood bath, but an enjoyable one. Victory to the JNCO’s was the cry throughout the day whilst some of the seniors nursed bruised body parts. Staff Sergeant Weaver was dubbed ‘paint crazy’ on account of his guerrilla tac- tics. Why the SQMS was away from his BBQ, remains to be confirmed. Once the Squadron was covered in paint they en- joyed a selection of drinks and artisan burgers courtesy of Lance Corporal Murgatroyed.
D Squadron’s outward-looking and positive approach to what could have been an uncomfortable year has made commanding
it a pleasure.
Stag Life in Canada

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