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 Quartermaster Technical Department
The past year has seen much activity within the QM Tech Dept. If not on exercise, either overseas or within the con- fines of the British Isles, then the normal hum-drum of routine (what’s that?) on the tank park keeps the department on it’s toes. With an LEA and BATUS deployment there has not been much twiddling our thumbs – if there ever was.
This year we have bid farewell to some good men as they are selected for promotion or fresh appointments and, in the same breath, welcomed the next cohort. Firstly, a huge thank you goes out to Mr Godfrey for all his hard work and passion as RQMS(T). His efforts have contributed to the overall effect of raising the Regiment’s equipment availability and standing as an armoured unit. His teaching of the junior ranks, understanding of the fric- tions suffered by the Troop Sergeants and logical approach in resolving complex supply problems have paid dividends during his tenure. He goes back to his old stomping ground of the AFV Gunnery School to take on the prestigious role of Gunnery Rec- ce Course Warrant Officer, where his knowledge and dedication to duty will prove an asset to the School. As his replacement I’m extremely lucky to have WO2 Reeve who has slipped effortlessly into the role. He has continued, where Godfrey left off and I’m very fortunate to have him as my Second-in-Command.
Sergeant Bailey also moves on. With a keen eye for detail in the intricacies of the ‘JAMES’ application and strong links to the help desk, he has been a true SME that I and the Regiment have relied upon. Corporal Smith assumes the role of JAMES NCO and is already hard at work assisting and advising the troops. We are now in the process of ‘honing’ him into a well-drilled G4 operator. Sergeant Davies now takes on the role as Tech Troop Sergeant and is proving his worth with a keen eye for detail and knowledge of the platforms. In addition, both Trooper Hall and Private Mcluskey (RLC) have moved on to pastures new. Trooper Hall goes to A Squadron and Private Mcluskey has been selected for a stores appointment in Scotland.
I’m sure you have already read that one of the main events for 2016 was the Regiment’s deployment to (BATUS). Support to the OPFOR vehicles and ‘TES’ weapons was first class and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the REME, who strived tirelessly to fit the parts that Tech managed to obtain. This was not always easy and it sometimes seemed like the supply chain had to ‘go round the sun to get to the moon’ as the ‘complex and cluttered’ battlefield was well replicated by the training provid- ers. Intelligent planning of OPFOR supply routes were neces- sary and novel delivery options were experimented with. Ga- zelle helicopters from the 29 Flight AAC were asked on occasion to transport immediately-required items to the OPFOR LAD, so repairs could be made without delay. The hard work paid off
and vehicle availability remained extremely high at above 90%. The 12-hour shift rotation by Staff Sergeants Cholerton and Darko was critical for getting parts out of supply to A1 Echelon so quickly.
Post BATUS, the focus for the department was the preparation for the Land Equipment Assurance (LEA) assessment. This is similar to an Equipment Care Inspection (ECI) - why keep one TLA when you can invent a new one! This assessment is conducted by a military inspection team outside of brigade or division who delve deep into records of servicing, maintenance and inspections. The LEA Team spent three days with the Regi- ment combing through JAMES, inspecting vehicles and exam- ining the armouries. The Regiment fared well with only a few points to work upon with the highlight being the Armoury in- spection team’s comment that we had ‘the best armoury I have inspected...and finally weapons that have enough oil on them.” This was heartening to hear (and seemingly unheard of), know- ing how hard the SQMS departments had worked with their Squadrons to ensure all was correct.
This year has not just been about BATUS or the LEA inspec- tion. Much more has occurred since the first edition of the Chapka which has invariably required G4 support. Squadron exercises such as Exercise WESSEX STORM for A Squadron also required Corporal Dunigan along with Trooper Hall to be despatched to Salisbury Plain as the Technical node forward. I’m sure you have already read how well A Squadron operated against 4SCOTS and this would not have been possible without the REME and Tech team operating at reach to support them.
Staff Sergeant Cholerton continues to be busy liaising with the RAC Establishment Table (ET) Sponsor refining what an Ar- moured Cavalry Regiment should contain within its holdings. The ET re-write went well and Staff Sergeant Cholerton’s ex- perience, advice and guidance ensures that the Regiment will remain well furnished with the equipment it needs to conduct operations.
As you read this article, the Regiment is preparing for another deployment to BATUS during late autumn. It will be a chal- lenging year where we will see The Royal Lancers in BATUS, Salisbury Plain and Pembrokeshire training hard for future op- erations. Wherever The Royal Lancers deploy, part of the QM Tech Department will always be there supporting them. I’d like to end by thanking my hardworking and dedicated team who have supported the Regiment wherever they have been this year and I’m extremely proud of what we have achieved. Here’s to another busy year.
  QM(T) squat training
Staff Sergeant Darko and Corporal Hill making JAMES work

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