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 The Quartermaster’s (Main) department has continued, as always, to support the Regiment in all matters G4 during an extremely busy ‘committed’ year. Corporal Lamb and Lance Corporal Bradshaw deployed to BATUS with the technical de- partment to share their expertise when it came to the supply chain; their contribution to the success of G4 support was inval- uable with Corporal Lamb recognised for his diligence and hard work in BATUS and awarded a Brigade Commander’s Commen- dation. Back in Yorkshire, the unsung hero Mr Lionel Brown, who has seen a staggering twenty QMs and RQs cycle through the department in his twenty years of employment, received a Commanding Officer’s Commendation for his unwavering sup- port to The Royal Lancers.
The department has had to say farewell to two of its members during the course of the year. First to go was Sergeant Geldard who has brought an unrelenting amount of enthusiasm and pas- sion to the department, reinvigorating the design of stores and accounts, and greatly improving our efficiency. His absence from the team has been felt by all, and we wish him the best in civilian life. Second to go (albeit not far) was the Quartermaster, Major Newman. Successful in the promotion to Major, he assumed the post of Officer Commanding HQ Squadron. Although not on the estab lishment table, the third to leave was Murphy. His departure leaves the biggest hole, but Major Newman’s dog is a regular attendee when the NAAFI wagon turns up.
Moving on to ‘1 (UK) civ div’ soon, the department would like to say a heartfelt goodbye to Corporal Lamb. His commitment
and professionalism have been exemplary until the end. Many Orderly Officers have spent Thursday afternoons with ‘Lamby’ whiling away the hours counting bullets in the ammo bunker; his humour and tolerance of the ever-declining arithmetic abil- ity of the modern subaltern is noteworthy.
Captain James Rickett filled the void left by Major Newman. He soon found his feet in the department and embraced all is- sues of SHEP, SHE, security, POL and Chattels. He has taken a fond interest in ‘building 52’ and was last seen exploring new chairs. When not in building 52 he can be found somewhere in the undergrowth between the first and eighteenth hole at Catt- erick Golf Course. It must be something about the Quartermas- ter’s, as Corporal Brooks also manages to play on the Regimental team and recently accompanied the Quartermaster on a 72 hole ‘charity’ event. Not content with golf, Brooks has managed to complete his level 6 referees course and was selected as a match official at the Cavalry Cup Final.
Sergeant Markwell and Lance Corporal Garner have kept the home fires burning. As well as juggling triplets, Sergeant Markwell has managed to fit in a few SHEP courses and Lance Corporal Garner has completed CLM, the Ammunition NCO course and had a new baby, Eli Garner. The Quartermaster’s department is now re-energised after Christmas Leave and in full preparation for another ‘busy [training] year’.
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