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  Whilst 2016 was an increasingly busy year for the Regiment, the social functions of the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess fought through the tight programme found some ‘white space’ and did not disappoint.
The early part of the year took us down to the Derby reunion. Suitably suited and booted, we started the day with the Derby Museum visit where Major (Retired) Watson hosted the Mess. Once we had toured the museum a few pre-dinner drinks kicked off the night.
As always, not being too picky where we went for a drink, we ended up in one of the local pubs. Forgetting that the football was on and that Derby were playing Forest (and the fact that our Regimental ties happened to be the same colours as those of Not- tingham Forrest) we were mistaken as Forrest fans by the local Derby firm that drank in the pub. The same scene was repeated in each pub by the so called ‘firm’ until the RQMS, Mr. Hough set the record straight and we subsequently received free drinks until we left for dinner.
Continuing to show our unbroken support to the Associations, the following month we headed to Blackpool for their reunion dinner, which turned out to be one of the best we had attended and where a few of us discovered the art of selfies. With the majority of the Regiment deployed to BATUS, things quietened down. The Mess was left in the capable hands of the RQMS and Mr Mason as the PMC. Whilst out in BATUS as OPFOR, the OPFOR mess was supported by all and the Canadian beer was well received.
The first night in the Canadian Mess saw WO2 ‘RQ forward’, Mr. Renton pick up the attached Battery Sergeant Major and turned him upside down. The Regimental Sergeant Major promptly stepped in and re-educated Mr Renton on Mess rules: whilst its appropriate for someone over 5’6, you can’t simply pick up small people and turn them upside down as they might take offence. Luckily the Battery Sergeant Major saw the funny side of it and for the remainder of BATUS was known as ‘wee man’.
As the year drew to a close it was our turn to host the Officers’ Mess for Christmas drinks. Upon arrival they were greeted with a live DJ, otherwise known as Staff Sergeant Pullen, followed by the theme tune from Frozen which was sung by the Mess with a few changes to the words. Although out of tune in places, it was well received and copies of the song were requested.
Just prior to Christmas stand-down we hosted the Winter Won- derland Ball which was organised by the AQMS, Mr Smith and his team. They all worked incredibly hard to prepare for the evening. The night featured everything from ice sculptures to polar bears and was enjoyed by all. MP
Troopers Lucas, Pook and Browne - OPFOR 1985
 Mr Reeve struggling to concentrate as under the table entertainment ensues
 Stevo with a drink...
  Major Clitheroe (Retired) moonlighting at Captain Yapp’s wedding

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