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    See-saw command task
Cadet Concentration Days
Back in February, the Band had the pleasure of hosting members from the Band and Bugles of Durham ACF for two days. This included 17 band members and seven buglers. This gave the cadets an insight on what working in a Military band would be like. The week had an array of activities including full band rehearsals, where a variety of music was played. Pieces of music included “Shine As The Light”, and “Gaelforce”, which were rehearsed and performed. Gaelforce provided an opportunity for some members of the cadet force to play the flugelhorn solo in the slower section of the piece. These pieces in particular were quite difficult for the cadets, however, they took it in their stride and did amazingly well!
After the full band session, and some light refreshment, they were taken onto the parade square, under the instruction of the Bugle Major and the Assistant Bugle Major. Here, they learned how to march in step and execute some maneuvers. They learned it very quickly indeed and looked very professional. This all culminated in a Sounding Retreat rehearsal that the Band and Bugles would actually perform to members of the public and other members of the Armed Forces, depending on the engagement. One of the cadet buglers also got to play
the solo in our finale piece before then reforming back in to the band.
As part of their insight, to show how working as a team is important in the Army and with the BRT leading, they spent one afternoon completing command tasks. They worked very hard together in teams of four or five to complete these tasks, and each task had an allotted timescale in which it had to be completed. They all did very well, and had huge amounts of fun!
The cadets were then marched down to the Sir John Moore statue near the entrance of our barracks to take a final picture and conclude their two days with the band.
Musn Rosie Hellewell
   All photographs
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 Bugler LCpl Streetin playing sunset in the rehearsal
 How tall can a group of cadets get to complete a task?
   A group photo of the BRT and the cadets on the balance see-saw after completing all of the command tasks

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