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      Barnard Castle School CCF Annual Review 2018-2019
With roots stretching back to the establishment of an Officer Training Corps at school in 1909, the CCF has grown into one of the biggest contin- gents in the North East and one of the most popular activities to join at school. The contingent has both an Army and RAF section and cadets can join on a voluntary basis from year 9. Currently there are 184 cadets and 10 CFAVs on strength.
It has been another busy year for the CCF; in fact, it is a great time to be a cadet. Activities have included a number of range days, field days, air experience flying days, overnight exercises, contingent competitions and ceremonial duties, on top of weekly parade nights held every Monday after lessons during term time.
Army central camp is always a popular choice with the cadets, and for a number of years we have always gone to Wathgill Training Camp, ran by 4th Infantry Brigade. 24 cadets attended camp this year and found it a very valuable experience to put into practice what they had learnt throughout the academic year.
With the help and assistance of the BTEC regional manager, Jim Black, 34 cadets have now completed and successfully passed the BTEC Level 2 Award in Personal Development and Teamwork. Not only does this qualification gives the cadets a 60 credit certified diploma, but it also shows independent learning, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Valuable assets to enhance any personal statement for university or job applications.
Eleven cadets were selected to attend the 4th Brigade Black Rat Cadet Challenge (BRCC). Major D Crawford (OC Cadet Training Team 4 Bde) describes BRCC as “a vehicle for developing senior cadets by honing their leadership and teamwork skills.” This weekend is great for the senior cadets as they had troops from 4 Para’ acting as tactical mentors throughout the platoon attack as well as a squadron from the Queens Own Yeomanry providing fire support from Winnock vehicles fitted with light
machine guns and a .50 calibre gun. Soldiers from the Royal Lancers had tracked CVRTs to carry out recces and 4 Yorks brought a number of GPMGs to help supress the enemy. These elements combined together certainly gave the cadets a sense of realism out on the battlefield.
We are very fortunate to have a 25m indoor .22 shooting range which enables the cadets to shoot on a weekly basis with a qualified range officer. Shooting club runs twice a week, and cadets can shoot both the scorpion and Anschutz rifles.
We are regular attenders of the annual Regional Cadet Indoor Shooting Competition. This year, 19 teams competed in the under 15s air rifle compe- tition (The Summers Bowl) Team A consisting of corporal Riccardo Allen and lance corporals Elizabeth Burton, James Clough and Jack Cahill. They performed well, claiming 4th place overall. Team B consisting of lance corporals Ed Hilsden, Ian Tam and Ethan Swan and cadet Max Berni shot with accuracy and precision, claiming 1st place by a huge margin scoring 234 points (2nd place scored 172). Cadet Max Berni also got the highest individual score in the whole competition.
In the Anschutz rifle .22 rifle competition (The Surtees Shield) sergeants Amy Parker, Hamish McAlister, Rob Harris and Kieran Bleasby repre- sented the contingent. Competition was fierce and the team managed a very respectable 2nd place. Sargeant Rob Harris was runner-up in the individual scores.
In 2018, Remembrance Sunday fell on the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. To mark this day 40 members of the contingent lead the procession through the town of Barnard Castle. The contingent standard (which was dedicated by the Lord Lieutenant, Sue Snowden in 2014) was carried by sergeant Hamish McAllister and cadet RSM Fergus Hewitson laid the wreath at the cenotaph on behalf of the contingent.
The year 10 cadets always look forward to their

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